Friday, November 15, 2013

The Frequent Driver Miles Weekly Link Round-Up

If there were anything like Frequent Driver Miles, I would've gotten them this week since The Poisoned Pen Bookstore saw me three days out of four. I have a few days "rest" which is a very good thing. I've chopped up all the meat and veggies for chicken stew with gnocchi, I have a ton of things to get ready for the mail-- and those piles of Christmas decorations are shouting at me every time I walk past.

Standing to the left, author Diane Setterfield
Last night's author event at The Poisoned Pen was very special indeed. Host Barbara Peters served wine, a selection of cheeses, wasabi peas, and cookies, so we were all in a party mood when Diane Setterfield, author of The Thirteenth Tale, came out to speak with us before the event officially began. Since I'll be writing a recap, all I'm going to say is that this woman held us in the palm of her hand for over 90 minutes, and we gladly would've stayed much longer.  Now on to those links!

Bookish News & Other Interesting Stuff
  • More information about the German who'd been hoarding millions of dollars worth of art looted by the Nazis.
  • Amazon will be offering Sunday deliveries through the U.S. Postal Service in select areas.
  • C&R and ValoBox have set up a new eBook gifting site.
  • Nevada Barr wrote "Welcome to America's real big country: Colorado, Nevada and Utah" for the UK's Guardian.
  • The number of self-published titles on the market is up 59% from last year.
  • The post office will begin selling Harry Potter stamps Tuesday.
  • Bones and bracelets are found in a Roman child's coffin.
  • A dog saves her owner's life after a ski accident.
  • Why you shouldn't say "You're welcome."
  • They've got my money: Costco and Nordstrom refuse to ruin Thanksgiving.
  • Traffic lights and stop signs may not aid heavy street traffic as much as you may think.
  • Governments around the world are trying to mine Google for more personal information about citizens.
  • A Florida principal agrees with a mother who's angry because her son is on the honor roll. You just might be, too.
  • Now here's reality TV I wouldn't mind sampling: Italy now has "Masterpiece"-- a reality show for writers.
  • UK journalist Ann Morgan decided to read a book from every country in the world in one year.

I   ♥  Lists

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That's all for this week. Don't forget to stop by next weekend when I'll have a freshly selected batch of links for your surfing pleasure!



  1. Cathy - If I lived within driving distance of PP, I'd be there all the time too. And thanks as always for those great links. Must read what Nevada Barr has say; she gives such a strong sense of place.

    1. I know what you mean about Barr. The second I saw the article, I sat up straighter in my chair! LOL

  2. The stories about the recently found hidden paintings in Germany have been quite stunning. A lot more needs to come out about that. Liked your link on it. cheers.

    1. That story has been fascinating me, too. Glad you liked the link. :-)


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