Monday, July 01, 2013

Are You Yolo, Fomo, or Jomo?

You Are YOLO


Your personal motto can best be described as YOLO: 'You Only Live Once' You believe in living large and taking risks. You don't want to regret what you didn't do in life.

You have a great attitude, and you live consciously. You don't want to waste a single moment or day. Unlike how most people imagine YOLO, you aren't a reckless partier. You just live life on your terms.

You are open and eager to experience new things. You often get others to consider new possibilities. You're the type who may change the world without even trying to. Just by being you, you inspire others and create greatness. 


  1. I'm JOMO:

    JOMO: 'Joy of Missing Out'
    You know what makes you happy, and it's the little things. You are content with your life as is.

    You follow your own path, and you rarely feel jealous of other people's lives. You may be missing out, and that's fine.
    In fact, you care so little about missing out that you may refuse invitations that sound fun just because you're not up to it.

    Most everyone should strive to have your Zen attitude. You don't suffer from the chains of desire.
    Just make sure you're not getting too complacent. You may have contentment, but you need a little excitement too.

  2. I'm JOMO, too. I'm pretty content at home with my books, TV and dvd's -- as well as the Internet, which holds my favorite excellent blogs.

    I have health problems so this scenario is my standard one, although I'd love to be sitting on a deck by a cool lake somewhere in my state or in New England, feeling cool breezes while I turn the pages of a riveting mystery.

  3. I honestly think I'm somewhere between YOLO and JOMO.


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