Monday, May 06, 2013

Author Duffy Brown Shares Her Love of Savannah

The second book in the Consignment Shop cozy mystery series, Killer in Crinolines, will be available tomorrow, May 7. You'll also be able to read my review of it in a bit, but first I'm thrilled to say that the author, Duffy Brown, is my guest today. Settle back and let Duffy tell (and show) you just why she loves Savannah, Georgia-- the place where the Consignment Shop books are set!


Mansion in Savannah
One of the reasons I wanted to write my Consignment Shop mysteries was to set a book in Savannah, Georgia. I love Savannah. My daughter went to school there, and I fell in love with the city.

Savannah is the Old South as opposed to Atlanta the New South. One of the big reasons is because Sherman didn’t burn it to the ground, thus sparing all the wonderful old mansions we see today restored to perfection. 

Forsyth Park
My favorite thing about Savannah… besides the incredible food…is that twenty-three squares dot the city. These squares were laid out by George Oglethorpe when he and his merry band of followers founded the city. The squares are a block in size, shaded by huge Live Oak trees draped in Spanish moss. One look at the square and you know you’re not in Kansas or NYC or LA. This is Gone With the Wind territory for real.

The Garden of Good & Evil
If you've ever read/seen Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, you know Savannah.  The home of pralines, sweet tea, voodoo--that is not a tourist trap like in New Orleans but here spoken of in hushed voices—Paula Deen and springtime! No place does spring better than Savannah. It’s a two-month long event with azaleas big as a bus, magnolias big as a dinner plate... the whole city one big impressionist painting and smelling like heaven on earth.

Some of my favorite places to eat are Zunzi's for their Conquistador sandwich and special sauce that drips off your fingers when eating it, the Olde Pink House for shrimp and grits, and the Pirates' House where Robert Louis Stevenson wrote Treasure Island, and you can enjoy delish she-crab soup, pecan chicken and the great ghost stories the staff will tell you if you ask.

The Pirates' House
This is just a touch of Savannah. If my kids didn’t live in Savannah, I’d live in Savannah. I’m a closet belle…have the baton, pearls and manners to prove it.

If you ever want to take a road trip to Savannah, let me know at we’ll meet up at Leopold’s for a double-dip of Old Black Magic ice cream!



  1. I love Savannah too! There's just something magical about it.

    1. Savannah is one place that I've wanted to visit for years and years. I've made it to Charleston, but Savannah was just out of reach at that particular time.

  2. I went to Savannah after reading Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil and loved it. On the other hand, I never made it to Charleston and I'm dying to see that wonderful city. Loved the squares and the flowers and trees in Savannah, as well as the port area.

    1. I'd love to see if I would have the same experience in Savannah that I had in Charleston. (Which was blissful!)

  3. Savannah is a wonderful place to visit and set a mystery. Great people, food and lots of character.
    I know Savannah better than Cincy and I live in Cincy. LOL
    The nice thing about Savannah is that you can park your car and walk across the city.


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