Monday, March 11, 2013

What Sign Is Your Brain?

Your Brain is a Capricorn


You are a conventional and disciplined thinker. People count on you to solve problems.

You don't let your thoughts get ahead of you. You think in as organized and methodical a way as possible.

You aren't attracted to new ideas just because they are shiny. Something new has to make sense to you before you will adopt it.

You are a very serious thinker. It's hard for you to take anything lightly; you're just not wired that way. 


  1. I got "Your Brain is a Cancer" and I don't like the sound of that. Anyway this is what it said about me:


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    Your head is led by your heart. There is a highly emotional component to every thought you have.
    You are a people person. You can't help but see the faces behind each idea and thought.

    Sometimes your thoughts and feelings are in conflict. When that's true, it's your heart that usually wins out.
    You don't like logical arguments that don't address compassion and humanity. You find rationality a bit cold for your taste.

    1. Ick... I don't like the sound of that either, although the description suits you!

  2. Mine is a Sagittarius:

    You are a very innovative thinker, and your mind knows no limits. You just go there.
    You are more concerned with ideals than facts, and you're always happy to grove on a little philosophy.

    You are open to new ideas and your mind being blown. You are interested in everything.
    You find learning and thinking to be very exciting. You take an exploratory approach to cognition.

    Funny that my brain is a sagittarius and the rest of me is a gemini. :)

    1. Just like my brain is Capricorn and the rest of me is Aquarius. :-)


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