Monday, January 14, 2013

What College Are You?

You Are Reed


You love learning for its own sake, even more than most people. You believe that education is all about the experience... not about the degree.

You prefer to go to an institution with other serious students and accessible professors. You'd rather be with people who are truly interested in ideas, not in showing how smart they are. 


  1. It says I'm West Point. Ha!

    You are dedicated to your own personal success. You have an amazing work ethic and believe in duty.
    You love to stay busy, and you're the type of person who excels in academics and athletics.

    You tend to be a bit on the conservative side. You're too responsible to party and let loose.
    You hope that you'll be eventually rewarded for your hard work. If not, it's still its own reward.

    1. You definitely don't put me in mind of West Point, Kathy!

  2. I'm Reed too -- which is good because I went to a college pretty much just like it.


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