Sunday, December 30, 2012

Evansville, Indiana Is One Very Lucky Place!

The Farewell Tour came to a tearful close Saturday night at The Poisoned Pen. Many people came together to say good-bye to their favorite librarian/ book blogger, Lesa Holstine, who has a new position in Evansville, Indiana.

Balloons danced in mid-air and tables groaned with all sorts of mouth-watering treats (including a fabulous cake courtesy of author Louise Penny), but the main focus of everyone's attention was Lesa. None of us wanted to let her go.

Odin finding the best scratchers amongst us.

While conversation flowed and cameras flashed, Poisoned Pen Pet, Odin, was a well-mannered host-- greeting everyone and finding out just which ones of us were the best at giving scratches.

Lesa cutting that scrumptious cake.

Even though we know we can keep in touch with Lesa through email and her wonderful blog, Lesa's Book Critiques, it just won't be the same without seeing her smiling face when I go to author signings at the Poisoned Pen. (Although I am looking forward to her blog post describing her cross country car trip to Indiana with her mother and five cats!)

Evansville, Indiana is one very, very lucky place to have garnered  such a talented librarian.

Your friends in Arizona are going to miss you fiercely, Lesa!


  1. Thanks for sharing Lesa's party with us, Cathy. I'm looking forward to hearing about her trip as well.

    I'll miss seeing her when we visit Arizona. That has been such a pleasure. Evansville has such a treat coming to them!

  2. Cathy - Thanks for sharing this. Lesa is a terrific person (I can tell even though I've never met her in person) and I wish her well.

  3. I'm sure everyone there will miss her. I love the poster!

  4. Thank you so much, Chris! I'll be visiting your blog soon!

  5. Cathy, I'm so late reading this. I'm sorry. It took me quite a while to feel settled here, so I wasn't on my own blog much, let alone anyone else's. Thank you for sharing that night at The Poisoned Pen. I miss the Pen, and I miss all my friends there. Hugs, and thank you.

    1. Knock 'em dead, Lesa! (You know what I mean! LOL)


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