Friday, October 26, 2012

The Enjoying Critters Weekly Link Round-Up

Denis's new work schedule definitely agrees with us both. Last week we went to the Desert Botanical Garden for the Monarch exhibit at the Butterfly Pavilion; this week we packed up some goodies and headed up to the White Mountains and Black Canyon Lake. Next week, we'll be heading to the Desert Botanical Garden again for Ofrendas... and perhaps other places, too. Who knows? My social calendar does show an author signing at the Poisoned Pen for tomorrow afternoon. I think I'll get dolled up and head over there to meet Donis Casey and Vicki Delany while Denis is at work.

Denis took this photo of a female Western Bluebird yesterday at Black Canyon Lake. She was decked out in her drab winter colors and keeping an eye on what we were doing, although she was much too shy to join in with the squirrels and Stellar's jays.

Denis and I love to head up to Black Canyon Lake. At over 7,000 feet in elevation up in the Ponderosa pines, it's a refreshing change from the desert heat-- although our preferred time is after Labor Day so we miss the crowds that like to hang out at the lake.

It definitely isn't the place for anyone who's shy and skittish around critters. I'd just sat down on a park bench when a young golden-mantled squirrel climbed up my pant leg, sat on my lap, tapped me on a boob a time or two with a tiny paw, and looked at me as though to say, "Where's the goodies?" I didn't have to be asked twice. Sunflower seeds and unshelled peanuts were brought out almost immediately!

Denis and I find the wildlife every bit as good for the soul as the setting at Black Canyon Lake, and I could rhapsodize about it for several more paragraphs, but... y'all would like some links, wouldn't you?

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That's it for this week. Don't forget to stop by next weekend when I'll have a freshly selected batch of links for your surfing pleasure!


  1. Cathy - I'm so glad you've the opportunity now to go to those kinds of places. Being someone who's not at all skittish around critters, I'll bet I'd love it. Oh, and thanks for the links, too!

    1. It's a very special place, Margot-- especially since it's been forced to adapt after the horrendous Rodeo-Chediski wildfire.

  2. I actually don't enjoy reading magazines on my tablets :(
    Those "ghost" photos are spectacular, aren't they...chilling even.

    1. Yes, those "ghost" photos *were* chilling, and all due to someone finding them and wondering if things had changed.

  3. Cathy: that survey of the biggest readers quite surprises me. I always thought older people read more than young-uns who seems caught up with texting, video games, tv, and social media. Holy smokes they read?! I guess this is promising ....

    1. Like you, I was surprised with that survey because I thought older folks read more, too. There may be hope after all!


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