Friday, July 13, 2012

Six Books, Six Months

When I saw Cath's contribution to this meme on her blog, read_warbler, I knew I had to play along even though it meant poring over the pages of my reading journal for quite some time in order to make my choices.

We're at the halfway mark of 2012. What better time than now to look over what we've read and choose six books or authors that have made an impact-- for good or ill-- upon us in the following six categories?  I must admit that I made an effort not to duplicate books/authors as much as possible, and the links are to relevant posts on my blog.

Here we go!

6 New-To-Me Authors
  1. Quentin Bates
  2. Lucy Arlington
  3. Anne Zouroudi
  4. Brad Parks
  5. Francine Mathews
  6. Victoria Hamilton

6 Authors I've Read Before
  1. Mark de Castrique
  2. Colin Cotterill
  3. Cara Black
  4. Deborah Crombie
  5. Betty Webb
  6. Elly Griffiths

6 Authors I'm Looking Forward to Reading More Of
  1. Julia Spencer-Fleming
  2. Steve Hockensmith
  3. Donis Casey
  4. Ben H. Winters
  5. Martin Walker
  6. Craig Johnson

6 Books I Have Enjoyed the Most
  1. Desert Wind by Betty Webb
  2. On the Wrong Track by Steve Hockensmith
  3. Invisible Boy by Cornelia Read
  4. A Double Death on the Black Isle by A.D. Scott
  5. Lamb to the Slaughter by Aline Templeton
  6. The Last Policeman by Ben H. Winters

6 Books I Was Disappointed With
  1. The Two Deaths of Daniel Hayes by Marcus Sakey
  2. Button Holed by Kylie Logan
  3. The Cut by George Pelecanos
  4. Viral by James Lilliefors
  5. Only One Life by Sara Blaedel
  6. Q: Awakening by G.M. Lawrence

6 Series of Books Read or Started
  1. J.D. Books (Michael Norman)
  2. Threadville Mysteries (Janet Bolin)
  3. Professor Bradshaw (Bernadette Pajer)
  4. Mind For Murder Mysteries (Rochelle Staub)
  5. Dead Detective Mysteries (Chaz McGee)
  6. Peter Diamond Mysteries (Peter Lovesey)

Lists like these may be time-consuming, but I love to compile them. I really hope that many of you will want to play along with this meme because, not only do I love compiling these lists, I love to read the lists of others! If you do decide to play along, please come back and let me know so I can hotfoot it over to take a look!


  1. Nice lists. I need to read more Steve Hockensmith too... might even be tempted by one of his P&P zombie type books. LOL.

    I've read several Peter Lovesey books but none of the Peter Diamond series. Another friend likes those too, so perhaps I ought to give them a go.

    And I seriously need to read the two Craig Johnson books I own!

    A fun meme.

    1. Unless the world came to an end and there was no other choice in reading material, I would not be tempted by Hockensmith's P&P zombie books-- I have an irrational fear of the creatures! LOL

  2. I have Double Death on the Black Isle on my shelf to read, I've heard really good things about it, so it's lovely to see it was among 6 books you enjoyed this year so far. I just picked up an Aline Templeton mystery also, the sequel to the one you read.

    Yaay for the Peter Diamond series, I am really enjoying them! How are you finding them?

    I saw this meme over at Cath's also, and made a mental note to do it, and haven't done it yet. I think I still have time! lol I really enjoyed reading through your answers. You have a few other authors Cotteril, Spencer-Fleming, Crombie, that I have to get to reading soon.

    1. Susan, I've loved both of A.D. Scott's books, and she's such an interesting person!

      I've only read the one Peter Diamond mystery, and really enjoyed it. I'm looking forward to reading others.

      I took a close look at the photo in your blog header-- LOTS of good reading there!


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