Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Amusement Park Test

You Are a Wanderer

You are open to the whole wide world, and you want to see as much of it as possible.
You're interested in seeing new places, but you're also interested in meeting new people. You are very social.

You are assertive and confident. You don't hold back from pursuing your dreams, as unrealistic as they may seem. You don't make it all about you though. You're also altruistic and generous when you have the resources to be.


  1. Turns out I'm peaceful:
    You are a supportive and caring person. You pride yourself on being there for people.
    You are a good listener. Friends and family know that they can pour their hearts out to you.

    You are consistent and stable. You never change just for the sake of changing.
    You believe in being both compassionate and forgiving. Second chances are important.

  2. I'm restless:

    You're never one to feel too settled in your life - you're always looking to shake things up.
    You are lively and energetic. Even when you feel done for the day, you usually still do something else.

    You are enthusiastic and optimistic. Many things sound good to you, and you are reluctant to rule options out.
    You are quick to respond. You sometimes get a little tired of waiting for everyone else.

  3. Wandering, peaceful and restless. We're a diverse group for this week's quiz!


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