Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Scene of the Blog Featuring Cath of Constance Reader!

I think I found this week's featured book blogger by a comment she left on another blog. However I found her, I'm glad I did. Cath's blog, Constance Reader, is a gem. If you don't believe me, pay a visit and just scroll down through the posts....

Wonderful photos of being a parent, of books well-loved in childhood, beautiful endpapers, tips on collecting rare books, and-- of course-- book reviews of an eclectic and interesting mix of genres. I also happen to love the quote Cath has on her Twitter profile: "Making Dorothy Parker roll in her grave since 2009."

Haven't visited Constance Reader? Please take this opportunity to do so, and don't forget to say hello while you're there. I have a feeling you're going to enjoy Cath's blog as much as I do!

Are you visiting from Constance Reader? Welcome! If you'd like to see any of Cath's photos in larger sizes, just click on them, and they'll open in new windows. If you'd like to see the blogging spaces of other participants in this weekly feature, click on the Scene of the Blog tab at the very top of my header. You'll find two ways to search: by blog name or by location. Now let's have Cath start the tour!

Cath's vintage 1930s desk

I work at home, and so I have a dedicated work space, which I share with my 11-month-old daughter, Lulu. But I don't like to blog in the same place where I work. Blogging is fun for me, a stress-reliever, and so I like to have my own dedicated spot for it. That way, I'm not worried about deadlines and assignments, and I can just write.

Close-up of Cath's desk

My in-laws inherited the antique, 1930s desk that stands in our bedroom from a neighbor, and it had a second life as a sideboard in their dining room for many years. When they decided to get rid of it, I begged to have it. I loved the desk's history, its burnished wood, and the deep, wide, heavy drawers, which I immediately filled with scarves and hair clips and makeup. I spend a moment every morning sitting there, getting ready for the day, and I always run my fingers over the bright worn spots on the scrollwork.  For a while I thought about refinishing the desk, but decided I liked that you could tell it had been well used over the years.

A comfy bed in which to read....
In the afternoons, the desk becomes my blogging spot. The light is perfect at this time of day, and with my door open, I can listen for Lulu as she naps. I have everything I need to blog: my computer, books that I'm in the middle of reviewing or that I'm giving away, my camera and all its accessories. My comfy, cozy bed is right there in case I need to stretch out and review a passage a few times to get my thoughts straight. No matter how tired I am at the end of the day, I always try to take a minute to clear the desktop, to keep it as neat and clean and inviting as possible so that it remains a simple haven in the middle of my hectic, double-duty life. 

The secret exhibitionist?

I guess I'm a secret exhibitionist, because I really enjoyed the chance to share my blogging space with you all! Thanks, Cathy, for the opportunity to be a part of your wonderful blog. 

The pleasure's all mine, Cath! We're all very glad that you shared your space with us-- especially that lovely old desk. I don't think I'd refinish it either. Just think of the loving hands that have smoothed those scrolls over the years! I'm also looking forward to seeing your thoughts about Mr. Churchill's Secretary because I'll be reading that book soon. (Get used to it-- we love to read all the participants' book spines!)

Don't forget to stop by next Wednesday when I'll be featuring another book blogger from our worldwide community!


  1. One of my favorite things (Besides the cool desk) is that you have Girl Hunter on your TBR. I have it too and really, really want to read it. Must bump it up.

  2. Beautiful, beautiful desk! Love it. And yes, I love seeing the books people have on their TBR.

  3. Your space is so elegant with that desk as its centerpiece! Puts my sofa and laptop to shame! Thanks for sharing!

  4. The desk and the bed look so inviting. Nice to have such a beautiful place to work but also where you can hear your child. As for neatening up the desk every evening, I don't think I'll ever be able to make that claim. :)

  5. that desk is so neat it gets me upset! :-)

  6. The desk is beautiful, but how can write with a mirror always in front of you? I know I'd get distracted (this sounds really vain, but a mirror in front of you is very difficult to ignore!).

  7. Thanks for the kind words, all!
    Thanks so much, Cathy, for the chance to be part of your blog for the day. ;)

    Beth, I did review Girl Hunter here: It's currently on a tentative giveaway list. I can't wait to read your review!

    Alex: The mirror was weird for a week or so, but I got so used to it that I don't even know it's there anymore, honestly.

  8. It's SO gorgeous and antique! You have me wanting to share mine!

    O and I LOVE your bedspread and old world feel of your home!


  9. Beautiful place for you to work.....great post.

    I love this weekly post.


    Silver's Reviews

  10. That is a terrific spot for blogging and I love how she keeps it separate from her work and mom life.

  11. Oh that old desk is just beautiful and your bed does look comfy! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Beautiful spaces! So open and fresh and I am having serious desk envy right now!

  13. Gorgeous desk! Thanks for introducing me to Constance Reader, Cathy - I've subscribed.

    1. Woo hoo! Thanks, Debbie. :)

    2. I definitely think you'll enjoy her blog, Debbie!

  14. Beautiful baby, beautiful desk and I'm glad I found another book blogger!! Thanks Cathy for sharing!
    Dorothy and Wilma~~

  15. I agree, that is a beautiful desk and a lovely blogging space. Glad to meet Cath, her blog is new to me and now in my reader.

  16. You have a beautiful working space, Cath, and that bed looks so inviting that I would love to crawl in for a nap! Wonderful post today!

  17. What a lovely desk - and so neat!


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