Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bisbee Stairmaster This Wordless Wednesday

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  1. I am sure the view is great, but I am tired just looking at all those stairs.

  2. Cathy - You would definitely not need to go to the gym with those stairs right there...

  3. Whoa ... grocery day would really be a drag. LOL

  4. My legs hurt just looking at all those stairs. And the ankle I broke a few years ago is going, "I don't think so."

  5. Our mountain pales in comparison to Arizona mountains but I still think twice about going up such steep heights.

  6. Caite-- Same here! If I'm not mistaken, the bright green house is a rental. For some strange reason, Denis and I have never chosen that place to stay while we're down there. ;)

    Margot-- No, indeed! A built-in waistline reducer.

    Beth-- And if you had to go to the laundromat? Oi vey!

    Pepper-- I have two knees that are making that a trio of ouch. :)

    Barbara-- Going down is much easier than going up. I think if I made it to the house, I'd just stay there for a while! LOL


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