Tuesday, December 06, 2011

What Season Is Your Soul?

You Are Summer

You're doing what you love, and that varies from day to day. You are truly living the life.

You are always growing and self-renewing. You embrace the new you fully.

You have an ironic view of life and yourself. It would be a shame to take anything too seriously.

You are aware of all your feelings and impulses. You don't always act on them, but you know they're there.


  1. I am Spring:

    You can't help but be influenced by the world around you. You are open to change and growth.
    You are optimistic and trusting. You expect the best from people and usually get it.

    You are autonomous and fulfilled. You know how to make yourself happy.
    You are sweet and angelic. You try your best to never harm or hurt others in any way.


    Not so sure about the sweet and angelic part. LOL.

  2. My soul is summer too, but I could have guessed that before I took the quiz.

  3. I am summer, but I'd bet 75 percent of people are too!

  4. Harvee-- You're right so far. Out of 4 people, 3 are Summer!

  5. no surprise to me that I am winter!!


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