Tuesday, December 27, 2011

What Company Should You Work For?

You Should Work for Google

You are a bit of a showoff. You're used to being the smartest person in the room.

You are flexible and adaptable. You adjust easily to life's changes, as drastic as they may be.

You are talented at presentation. You definitely don't have a fear of public speaking.

You prefer to be with others whenever possible. You lack energy when you're alone.

What Company Should You Work For?

This ain't me. I hate public speaking, and I tend to be a solitary soul!


  1. I should work for Disney!
    I like that :-D !!

  2. I should work for Disney, too:

    You see the big picture, and while you delight in details, you don't get hung up on them.
    You are original and independent. You're making your own trends and carving your own path.

    You have your own vision, and it's important to you to express it. You embrace your quirks.
    Work is very important to you. Work gives you meaning.


    But really I"m working for the exact right person -- myself. LOL.

  3. My results made me laugh! It says I should work for the Mayo Clinic!

    You can deal with problems without involving your emotions. You compartmentalize well.
    When emergency strikes, you can buckle down and focus. You really get in the zone.

    You are truly caring. You show you care by dropping everything to help.
    You are precise. You have no tolerance for mistakes, especially your own.

  4. I should work for Teach America which is pretty interesting beacuse I'm a teacher!!

  5. Cathy, When I read yours, I thought I must have you figured completely wrong, but then I got the same thing - Google! Boy is this one way off, but then I had difficulty answering some of the questions honestly. Maybe you and I just really threw them off. :D

  6. Ooooh, looks like I picked a good one for this week! I love the variety of answers!

    Barbara, I don't think you have me figured wrong at all. I even said at the end of the post that this did NOT describe me. And it's hilarious that you got the same response! LOL


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