Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Scene of the Blog Featuring Tara of Tales of a Book Addict!

This week's guest comes from familiar territory to me (Southern Illinois... Go Salukis!) and now lives in Kentucky. Tara originally started Tales of a Book Addict to keep track of her reading progress, book reviews, and challenges. I think many of us had the same idea when we began, too. I found Tara's blog quite a while back, and it soon became one that I read all the time.

I'd noticed that she hadn't been posting as regularly, but she has a very good excuse-- she's pregnant! If you've never been to Tara's blog before, I hope you take the opportunity to check out Tales of a Book Addict. You can even say Congratulations! while you're there!

If you're visiting from Tara's blog, Welcome! I'm glad you stopped by to take a look at Tara's creative spaces. If you'd like to see any of the photos in larger sizes, all you have to do is click on them, and they'll open in another window. If you'd like to check out other Scene of the Blog participants, click on the Scene of the Blog tab at the top of the page above the header.  Tara's waiting to give us a tour, so let's not keep her waiting!

A few of Tara's books....

First of all, I want to start by thanking Cathy for approaching me for Scene of the Blog. I am so excited to share a little bit more about me! So without further ado….

I first became aware of the online reading/blogging community in late 2007. I originally started my blog on Blogger in January of 2008, but moved my blog to Wordpress in December of 2008. Since that time, my TBR has grown into a nearly unmanageable mountain and I can’t seem to read nearly as fast as I would like to! Here’s a peek at two of my three book shelves. I even have a little bit of room to expand in one of them!

Where the blogging happens

I do all of my blogging on the living room couch. We have a sectional and I have staked out the end with the recliner as mine! It’s a comfortable way for me to put my feet up with my laptop on my lap and blog to my heart’s content! The television, while not in the picture, is to the left of the end table. My husband always wants to have the TV on, but I find it very hard to blog and have the TV on at the same time. So most of my blogging is done between the time that I get home from work and he gets home from work, which is about a 45 minute window, or early on Saturday and Sunday mornings before he wakes up.

"Hi, everybody!" says Buster the Westie.

Meet Buster the Westie!! He likes to read with me sometimes. While I actually do a lot of reading in the same spot as I do my blogging, a lot of times I find it best to read in my recliner in our office. I’ve had this recliner for many years. It was originally my grandfather’s chair in my grandparents’ lake house. He passed away in 1997 and my grandmother sold the lake house a couple of years later. This chair is the only thing that I still have that was once my grandfather’s. While our office is in a constant state of chaos, I like to go there to read in a little bit of peace while Nathan watches TV in the living room.

So there it is … that’s me and my blogging habits/areas in a nutshell. Thanks again to Cathy, and happy reading everyone! 

I love that you have (and use) your grandfather's chair-- and Buster is a sweetheart! I'd love to take a look at those shelves of books, and since it's been a while since you sent me these photos, I'm wondering if there's still room on any of the shelves?

Thanks so much for allowing us this glimpse into your creative spaces. We certainly appreciate it!

Don't forget to stop by next Wednesday when I'll be featuring another book blogger from our worldwide community!


  1. I need quiet when I blog too. Buster is an adorable blogging buddy!

  2. Thanks for the introduction to Tara (and Buster) and a tour of her blogging space. I have a nice comfy recliner couch too but find the TV, which my husband always has turned on, to be distracting. So blogging usually takes place in my office.

  3. Hello to Tara and Buster. I can empathize with the distraction of the TV. Dave has ours on all the time he's in the house (which is more now that he's retired) and I just can't do anything with it on except crossword puzzles. Thankfully I have an office upstairs - with a door to close. :) Too bad I don't have such a cute dog to share it with.

  4. I have the same problem with the husband/TV thing. What I do is listen to music from the computer with ear-plugs while I blog. Then we can be on the same couch, doing different things. Sounds strange, but it's actually pretty companionable :)

  5. Interesting that our menfolks seem to want the television on while we prefer a bit more quiet. Is that because we're readers and they are not?

    Well, in my case, my husband reads just as much as I do (if not a little more), but he listens to audiobooks during downtimes at work. He doesn't do much reading at home. When he's home, 90% of that is "us" time.

  6. What a wonderful blogging spot Tara has! The colors are very soothing.

  7. My husband has the recliner end of the lounge - I snagged the chaise end! I enjoyed learning a little more about Tara

    Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out

  8. Cathy, everything looks so wonderful! I'm sorry I'm a little late to the party, but work was crazy today and I didn't have time to access the internet while I was there.

    Men and their televisions! It seems to be commonplace based on the comments I'm reading :)

    And Buster is a wonderful blogging buddy! Until Nathan comes home and then I cease to exist :) And he loves the camera too, he poses so well for me! He's definitely a cutie and he knows it!

    I really do thank everyone for their kind words.

  9. Tara-- I think Westies are just about the most photogenic dogs on the planet. It's as though they know when a camera is around!


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