Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Long Way from Home on This Wordless Wednesday

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Lake Havasu City, Arizona, to be exact. 
Not the normal territory of a doubledecker bus!


  1. Keeping the London Bridge company, is it?

  2. It's saying, "I never should have tried to cross that ocean. Why didn't I listen?"

  3. Kathy-- I agree. It does look sad. What a waste to let such a wonderful machine disintegrate under the desert sun!

    Pepper-- Yes, but it looks as though the bridge hasn't been keeping it good company!

    Barbara-- I wish it had. It might've had a longer, more productive life!

  4. Awww poor bus. Looks like it was converted into a mobile Tastee Freez!

  5. Leslie-- The conversion didn't "take" well, did it? :(


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