Friday, December 09, 2011

Channeling Mom on This Weekly Link Round-Up

This week I posted a scan I did of my very first handwritten Christmas wishlist. Well... the very first one that was written in a recognizable form of English! In that same folder of paperwork I found two of my mother's favorite Christmas recipes.

Mom was the baker of cakes and cookies in this family. She would come across these obscure recipes, test them, bake more and take them to PTA meetings and the like-- and then everyone in town would want the recipe. I found mimeographed copies of Mom's Blackbottom Cupcake recipe and after trying my hand at making Lemon Carrot bread yesterday, I tried my hand at the Blackbottom Cupcakes this evening. They taste the same, but I'll have to make them again to get them to look right. Tomorrow I'm going to make Miniature Cheesecakes. All this baking I'm doing is not only announcing to the world that I'm back and celebrating Christmas in a big way, it's channeling a lot of memories, too. Memories have always been a big part of Christmas to me. How about you?

How about some links you say? I got those, too!

Bookish News & Other Fun Stuff

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Christmas is coming....

My Nook Book Pick of the Week


I ♥ Lists

That's it from the Baker of Casa Kittling for this week! Don't forget to stop by next weekend when I'll have a freshly selected batch of links for your surfing pleasure!


  1. Cathy - Isn't it interesting how doing those little things like baking or something else can channel our parents? I've had that happen, too. Oh, and thanks for the links as always :-).

  2. Margot-- I think Mom would be shocked and pleased to see me doing constructive things with food in the kitchen! LOL

  3. Even I am baking some. Dave has decided to cook in his retirement. That means baking and frying. It also means I have to find everything for him, and when he decided to make an apple pie yesterday, it meant I had to make the crust. So, of course, I have to eat some too. There goes my weight loss. Oh, and it also means everything in the kitchen has to be washed when he's finished and my dishwasher has been broken for several years. :(

  4. Barbara-- Sounds like you need to come down here for a visit. I clean as I go, and my dishwasher works!

  5. Sigh. Amazon's latest tactics really don't surprise me. Talk about corporate greed.

    That list of the seven types of book lovers...did you find yourself there? I didn't find me.

  6. At this time of year I would love to be in Phoenix, but no can do. :(

  7. A hammock in the library is BRILLIANT - two of my favourtie things!

    Great list of links again this week. I especially enjoyed the list of music books

  8. Pepper-- I was not present and accounted for either. :o)

    Debbie-- I knew someone would like that hammock photo!


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