Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Keeping an Eye on You This Wordless Wednesday

Click to view full size. More Wordless Wednesday.


  1. You can see right through this bird's nostrils! I never realized that. Otherwise, it's so ugly it's cute. :)

  2. Cathy - Yes it's definitely disconcerting when you realize that is looking at you!

  3. Candace-- Feeling nervous?

    Barbara-- They are cute until you have a whole bunch of them towering over you, watching every move you make intently. After a while I got creeped out because it felt as though I were in Jurassic Park! LOL

    Margot-- Yes!

  4. Great photo! Very nice composition. I think I'd be a little scared to get too close. He's cute in his own sort of way.

  5. Marie-- I got very close... I was hand-feeding this guy before I took his photo!


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