Friday, November 11, 2011

A Busy Weekly Link Round-Up

It's been quite the busy week here at Casa Kittling. I had a check-up at my oncologist's, which amused me greatly. Both doctors knew something was different about me, but neither one of them could figure out what it was. I could-- the last time they'd seen me I didn't have white hair! Having started turning gray at the age of sixteen, by the time I was forty, I'd spent well over half my life with that color and decided to do something different. I figured that I'd pretty much be white by now, so my affair with L'Oreal has come to an end. Now I have what I call Peter Graves Hair, and I love it.

A little pruning...
After the doctor's appointment, Denis and I had a marvelous lunch at a local Mexican restaurant. The rest of the week has been spent flexing our muscles. The quarterly curbside trash pick-up starts Monday, and we had a few trees and shrubs that needed a haircut. If you think the pile to the left is huge, it pales in comparison to one of a few years ago!

I've also made stops here and there to stock up on some baking supplies. I'm still on the look-out for a new flour sifter, since the one I'd purchased was a dud.

A preview of things to come!
I've also been slowly getting out the Christmas decorations-- following my notes and coming up with yet more ideas for different ways to display my goodies. The photo to the right is just a taste of what's to come.

I also had a big surprise this week. Denis told me that he had a gift on order for me that should be arriving in a few days. I could either wait till Christmas or open it when it arrived. He then asked me what I would want, and I had only one answer. I couldn't quite interpret his smile until I opened the box yesterday. Inside was my very own Nook Color! I have yet to order any eBooks for it, but don't worry-- I will! Why was Denis smiling, you ask? Because the one thing I said that I wanted was the one thing that I got, that's why!

Since I've been doing a lot of other things besides looking for links, there aren't that many this week, but I've yakked enough, so let's get to them!

Bookish News
  • I enjoyed the "Dear Bookstore Friends" letter written by local indie bookseller, Gayle Shanks of the Changing Hands Bookstore in Tempe.

Christmas is coming...
  • For those of you who prefer a nice cup of tea or cocoa with your winter's evening of reading, the Victorian Trading Company has The Twelve Teas of Christmas and The Twelve Cocoas of Christmas.
  • And if you are a devoté of tea, how about a new tea cozy?
  • While I'm talking about getting all warm and comfy while reading this winter, how about a Cuddle Blanket? I don't know about you, but I don't need a blanket with sleeves. All I really need is something that won't let my feet hang out and get frozen, and this Cuddle Blanket has a big pocket for your feet as well as an accessories pocket for an extra book, reading glasses, etc.

    Book Candy
    • Follow all the photos down. If I had a loft apartment, I could see myself having one of these creative hubs!
    • Scroll down to the thumbnails, and you'll see some gorgeous built-in bookcases.
    • Same here: scroll down to the thumbnails for some more innovative bookcases. Some are repeats, but many are new.

    I ♥ Lists

    eBook News

    New to My Google Reader

    That's it for this week. Don't forget to stop by next weekend when I'll have a freshly selected batch of links for your surfing pleasure!


      1. Congrats on your e-reader. I'm still doing without, but probably not for much longer.

        My husband also started getting grey hair when he was 16, in addition he started getting bald in his early twenties. :-)

        My mother is 83 and not very grey yet. Amazing how people differ!

      2. My love affair with my hair stylist is ongoing but if it wasn't I would be in the Peter Graves hair color club :) I was 18 when my hair started going from black to white (mom said it was the Irish in me).
        Enjoy that nook! Sounds like your hubby knows you.

      3. Cathy - What a great gift! I hope you'll love your Nook!

        And good for you to go with your natural look :-). I'll bet it's beautiful.

      4. I'm halfway to gray and don't color it - I figure the gray hairs go with my wrinkles.

        It sounds like Denis knows you very well. Enjoy your new Nook!

        By the way, the photos aren't showing up in your post.

      5. I'm still hanging in there with paper books. The Nook Tablet is looking more like what I want although I'd settle for a Nook Color if the price drops enough after the holidays.

      6. My father only had gray in his temples until he was in his late 70s and I seem to be following the same pattern. At 71 I have two gray patches at the temples but otherwise the light brown I've always been. Wish I had inherited my mother's family's pure white hair. It was so beautiful.

      7. How funny to hear about your white hair. Recently I also made up my mind enough was enough... sort of. I am white in front and black from behind so my hairdresser assists me a bit to make me nicely salt-and-pepper coloured :)

        And I wasn´t surprised that Denis gave you a Nook Colour. That man is a keeper if you ask me :D

      8. Judith-- I still haven't downloaded any books. The physical ones I'm reading are holding fast to my interest!

        My husband is bald, but what hair he does have has very little grey in it. Well, except for his beard. That seems to be where all the grey is going!

        I take after my grandmother. My mother had scarcely any grey hair. People used to call us sisters, and they probably thought I was the older! LOL

        Mary-- The same woman's been working on my hair for over 30 years. She wasn't too happy about my decision to stop coloring it, but it is my hair after all. My grandmother (whom I take after) had blue black hair, and she started turning grey when she was 21.

        Margot-- I hope I do, too!

        I like going back to my natural color, and Denis loves it.

        Kathy-- I hardly have any wrinkles. Must be because I've never had children! LOL

        I had problems with Blogger while writing this post, but they seem to have sorted themselves out now.

        Leslie-- I was shocked to get my Nook Color!

        Barbara-- I know what you mean. The grey hair gene skipped my mother, but landed on me. Hard!

      9. There are a number of classics available for free on the B&N website, if you want to download some things just to give it a try.

        It won't take over your reading life, but it'll be nice to have the options available.

      10. Pepper-- I've been having fun looking around to see what's what. I've also been reading samples of books I've been curious about.

      11. Dorte-- The entire greying process is rather strange, isn't it? And as for Denis... I knew he was a keeper before I married him! :o)

      12. Congrats on the Nook!!! Can't wait to see your decorations this year.

      13. I've been having a great time catching up on the Nero Wolfe books I missed, thanks to my Nook...

      14. Pepper-- I've been finding that it's an excellent resource for some of my favorite authors' backlists.


      Thank you for taking the time to make a comment. I really appreciate it!