Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What Sign Is Your Soul?

Your Soul is Cancer

You are an empathetic and intuitive person. You get a sense of what's going on without anyone telling you anything.

You tend to be cautious. You want to let something sit with you for a while before acting on it.

You can be a bit moody at times. Sometimes you let your imagination get the best of you.

You are highly sensitive and attuned to your surroundings. You can't help but notice everything.


  1. This is very funny. I got cancer too and it doesn't fit me at all.

  2. My soul is a Sagittarius:

    You are a good-humored, truly blissful person. You find your happy moments no matter what sort of day you're having.
    When times get tough, you get philosophical. There's a lot that you can endure.

    You are honest, even if it costs you a friend. You only know how to live authentically.
    You have a deep desire to play by your own rules and do things on your own terms. You love freedom above all else.

  3. Barbara-- Sometimes it fits me, sometimes it doesn't. Must have something to do with that moody bit. ;)

    Kathy-- Something tells me that you're able to be honest without losing the friend!


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