Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Scene of the Blog Featuring Jodie of Books for Company!

All of you probably wonder how I find all these book bloggers to participate on Scene of the Blog. Several come from comments-- either left here on my blog or left on blogs that I read.

Another good source is Twitter. When I'm not rushing to get things done and Twitter tells me "You might want to follow....", I pay attention because I've followed those leads to many interesting book blogs.

This week's featured blogger is Jodie, who lives in England in the East Midlands. Besides sharing a love of Manchester United with my Lancashire-bred husband, Jodie is the brains behind Books for Company, a blog that shows Jodie's love of all things Young Adult, Romance, Paranormal, Fantasy, and Dystopian. Jodie has weekly features such as First Lines in which she shares the first lines of the synopsis and the first page of two different books. (First Lines was inspired by Jodie's indecision in purchasing two books.)

If you've never visited Books for Company before, I hope you'll take the time to stop by and say hello. If you've been directed here by Jodie and this is your first visit, hello and welcome! If there are any photos you'd like to see in a larger size, all you have to do is click on them. I think Jodie's getting impatient to start the tour, so let's go!

Jodie's desk
My first and probably main place which I do my blogging is at my desk. I don't get why as I have a laptop so that I don't have to sit at a desk to be on the internet. Anyway this is the main place which I can sit down and concentrate on what I need to do. I do wish that I had a more comfortable computer chair and I am 'working' on that right now!

In the chair you can see my bearded dragon, Bilbo, who is often out while I am blogging. Also you can see some swag on the left hand side which is for my blogoversary giveaway in October and 2 books on the right which need to be read soon. In the background you have my family photos which are all over my room.

Jodie's bean bag
The second place is a lot more comfortable than my computer chair. I mainly read on my bean bag, but I often sit on it when my boyfriend isn't. I tend to find I am more distracted though and get less blogging done here!

Thanks for letting us see your creative spaces, Jodie-- and for letting us meet Bilbo! I like the colors in your room as well. Good luck on finding that comfy desk chair!

Stop by next Wednesday when I'll introduce you to another book blogger in our worldwide community!


  1. I love the dragon! And I love how compact that desk is. I notice book shelves peeping out underneath. Such a practical use of space. Beanbag looks comfy, although I suspect it's not for me anymore. LOL

  2. don't so much love the

  3. I love the paint color in Jodie's office. It's really pretty!

  4. Kay-- Don't you hate it when bean bags no longer look appealing to sit in (because they've become hazardous to get out of)? LOL

    Caite-- Ah, I like Bilbo!

    RbyL-- It is a pretty color, isn't it?

    Peggy-- Great! :)

  5. Oops! Don't sit down too quickly. Bilbo looks like he has personality and maybe is a ham. :)

  6. Barbara-- Bilbo definitely looks as though he has loads of personality!

  7. Another awesome blogger you have featured.

    GREAT JOB again this week.


  8. Bilbo the bearded dragon steals the show!

    I was smiling when I saw the bean bag chair. At my age, if I ever got into one of those, I'd never get up and out. Ha!

  9. Elizabeth-- Thanks! I'm glad you're enjoying the feature.

    Yvette-- Yes... you and I might need one of those Life Alert things! LOL

  10. Errrr ummmm. I'm a little unsure about Bilbo, but it's nice you have company. The beanbag -- I'd likely be asleep in about 3 minutes; it looks so comfortable.

  11. Beth-- Perhaps Bilbo could act as some sort of alarm clock? :o)

  12. Haha Bilbo does have a lot of personality!
    He can be quite lazy at time and often falls asleep on me while I am reading/blogging.
    Thanks everyone and thanks again Cathy for having me.


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