Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Little Bit About Me

Me at 18 Months
I've seen this here and there on various blogs-- most recently at ExUrbanis where Debbie shared a bit about herself. I know that I enjoy learning more about the people behind their blogs, and I thought I was past due sharing more about myself.

Let's start with the photo to the left. That's yours truly at the tender age of eighteen months, before I learned to hate being in front of a camera.

Let's get this show on the road!

Age: 56

Bed Size: King. I like to sprawl.

Chore that you hate: I am not a domestic goddess. In another life I'd swear I had an army of servants... or maybe I was so poor that I didn't have anything worth cleaning. I gotta pick one? *sigh* I'd rather take a beating than clean toilets!

Dogs: I haven't had one since burglars killed Zack, my Wire-Haired Fox Terrier. He was defending his home, and one of the *&^%*$%# took the fireplace poker to him.

Essential start to your day: Waking up. Hard to start the day without doing that. Stop being a smart *ss? Okay. I am not a morning person. It takes me a couple of hours of drinking tea and reading email, etc. before I'm fit for public consumption.

Favorite colors: Blue. Moss green. Lots of 'em, now that I think about it. Why limit myself?

Gold or Silver: Used to be gold. Now it's silver. What can I say? We've got turquoise and silver jewelry here in Arizona that's so beautiful it takes your breath away.

Height: A smidgeon over 5'9"

Instruments you play: The computer keyboard. I love music, and I love to sing, but I never learned to play an instrument. If I had, I would've learned to play the Spanish guitar.

Job Title: Anyone want to hire a book blogger with flexible hours?

Kids: None.

Live: Phoenix, Arizona.

Mother-in-Law's name: Hopefully Denis won't give me a "look," but I can't remember. The lady died many years ago, well before I knew Denis, so I never met her.

Nicknames: I've never really had any because most people assume that Cathy is short for Catherine or Cathleen. Cathy is short for... Cathy. I did go through a rough patch at work once where I had to mentally gird my loins just to make it in the door. I always had on my sunglasses, and the people who let me in the door started calling me "The Terminator." Trust me. If I feel like it, I can intimidate you right out of your shoes.

Overnight hospital stays: (1) When I was five, I had a finger shut and locked in a car door. The doctor refused to change the bandage, and gangrene set in. Obviously I had to go to the hospital to get that taken care of. (Yes, I do still have every bit of all my pinkies. One just looks slightly mangled.)  (2) When I was seven, I went in for a tonsillectomy.  (3) This past January, I had a total hysterectomy due to cancer. As they say back home... now I'm fine as frog hair!

Pet Peeves: People who don't take responsibility for their own actions.

Quote from a movie: "Oh... but look what I've got!" (Barbra Streisand to Robert Redford in The Way We Were) It sums up how I feel about my life right now.

Right or Left handed: Right.

Siblings: None. I am an only child and an only grandchild. (Now do you understand why I learned to hate being in front of a camera?)

Time you wake up: Between 9 and 10 AM-- which doesn't sound all that decadent if you know that I'm awake until at least 3 AM. Don't worry. I can fall out of bed much earlier. Before I was downsized, I got up at 4 AM every morning to go to work!

Underwear: I'm never commando when I leave the house.

Vegetable you hate: Artichokes. Note that last syllable....

What makes you run late: I don't. I'm normally about 10 minutes early.

X-Rays you've had: (1) I blew out my first knee when I was twelve. The x-ray tech was not having a good day.  (2) I underwent major surgery a few months ago. It would be easier to tell you what machines I wasn't run through!

Yummy food that you make: My Italian chicken chili's pretty good. So's my black bean and sausage posole. Now I'm on a "from scratch" quick bread kick. Cranberry oatmeal bread, anyone?

Zoo animal: I love the coatimundis at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum.

There you go-- now you know a bit more about me! I'd like to know a bit more about you. Care to answer one of these?


  1. What a nice post. It's great "knowing" you better :)

  2. What an interesting life. The story ab out your dog broke my heart. There are evil people in the world.

  3. Wow, some nasty stuff's happened to you, huh? Sorry to hear it. Completely with you on the housekeeping front. I would totally pay a maid if I could justify the expense.

  4. Wait, the doctor refused to change your bandage??? Yikes!!

    I hate to clean. I like a clean house. When the kids were small and I was doing a lot of volunteering at their school I paid someone to come twice a month. Let me tell you, we all loved Toni. Now I can't justify the expense and it's amazing what I can put up with ;-)

    I have the same pet peeve.

  5. Cathy - How fun! I really enjoyed learning a little more about you.

  6. This was fun! If you find someone looking for book bloggers to hire, will you put in a good word for me?

    My first name is Kathryn, but my mother is the only one who calls me that. She says "If I wanted you to be called Kathy, I would have named you Kathy."

  7. I love the picture of you as a really little girl. I have one of me as a baby that makes me look like an American Indian child. Must look it up. I hate housework too. As I think about this, I guess it might be fun to do one of my own. Stay tuned.

  8. I am glad I am not the only who takes a few ours to get myself ready for the day! I absolutely love that baby pic of you. So cute!

  9. Thank you for sharing...I loved learning about sound unique...different...edgy.

  10. What an adorable photo! That romper you're wearing looks hand-made. I had a cherished hand-made romper from my husband that my daughter wore.

    Great post!

  11. Thanks for posting the interesting little bits about yourself. I like knowing more about the person behind the blog... and it helps me remember the blog, if that makes sense.

    I may do this one myself. Now that I've been downsized (as of Friday, we have that in common!) I'll have lots more time to read and write. And I'm also a book blogger available for hire.

  12. This is terrific! I love your answers...hilarious. I see that others have done this too, so if it's okay with you I might post my answers on my blog. I might play around a bit and add a few other questions. We'll see.


  13. Thanks, Zohar!

    Jodie-- You know, I seldom think I've had nasty stuff happen to me. I think of it as life. Savor and remember the good bits. Learn from the bad, deal with it, and move on. :)

    Mary-- My mother took me over to his office at least twice times that I remember, and his attitude was that the little woman didn't know medicine. One morning, I stretched, and that left arm came close to Mom's nose. She took a whiff, went ballistic, and the next thing you know, I was in the hospital.

    Margot-- Thanks!

    Kathy-- I certainly will!

    Barbara-- Woo hoo!

    Stephanie-- I take after my grandmother. We all knew not to talk to her for a couple of hours after she woke up!

    Patty-- Hmmm... yes, I do feel edgy sometimes!

    Myckyee-- It is handmade. My grandmother made most of my clothes until I was a teenager, and even then she still contributed to my wardrobe. My senior prom dress was custom-made for me. I didn't know it, but mothers of my grade school classmates were going to my Mom asking her where she bought my clothes because their daughters wanted one of the dresses I wore!

    Leslie-- Oh, no! We'll have to form our own agency. :(

  14. Joe-- They also made themselves a meal and sat down to eat it while Zack was lying on the floor, dying. (I came home to find him and didn't get him to the vet in time.)

  15. Marie-- Goody! I'll look forward to it!

  16. I really enjoyed this post and getting to know you a little bit better.

  17. Hi Cathy,
    Like you I can't have a nickname from my name as it's only four letters long.
    I'm an only child as well and 49.
    I'm mom to a Maine Coon cat,
    I'm a children's librarian.
    I used to play the piano, but it's been way too long since I tickled the ivories.

    Love your blog

  18. Cathy, this was great! And that picture of your is precious. I've actually met you and you still have that gorgeous smile. :-)

    Don't want to think about that little finger. Ewww! Could we be personal book shoppers for people at the Poisoned Pen? I could swing a flight out there once in a while and we could add to everyone's TBR pile? Think it would fly? LOL

  19. Cathy - so great to get to know you better! I LOVE the photo - you could be a poster child for the fifties.

    I'm ---I'd say 'gobsmacked, but that sounds too flippant--- about your wee Zack - what a tragic event.

    But I laughed out loud at several of your other answers - we should sit down & have coffee someday. If you're ever in Nova Scotia...

  20. What a fab post! I love learning more about you! I need to do this post soon too.

  21. Thanks, Cheryl!

    Page-- Thanks so much for joining in! What's your cat's name? I've heard so much about that breed!

    Kay-- Aw shucks. You just made me smile again! As for your idea, I certainly do wish it would fly!

    Debbie-- Poster child for the fifties, eh? I dunno about that. LOL We are trying to make plans for a UK trip in 2013. I don't know about the logistics of booking a layover in NS, though. :(

    Leah-- I hope you come over and leave a link just in case I don't see it!

  22. Oh, your poor little dog, how dreadful. But the rest was a lovely post and it's so nice to get to know a bit more about you! I love that blue and silver jewellery - when I was a kid we used to have friends in Arizona who sent us a magazine called Arizona Highways every month, and it had wonderful pictures - it made very exotic reading in Highland Scotland. The coatimundi is cute, too.

  23. Jodie-- Denis and I send our niece in Rochdale (outside of Manchester) Arizona Highways subscriptions. She's come over to visit us a few times, and we love taking her around the state.

  24. I´d love to hire you for my blog, but I´m afraid I can´t pay any wages.

    What a sad story about your dog. If it had been mine, I would have crucified those burglars in a truly nasty story!

  25. Dorte-- I refuse to tell anyone what I've done to those killers in the privacy of my imagination.

  26. LOVE it!! What a great way to get to know your secret-side...

  27. IAB-- Well... not exactly. I'm still keeping that side under wraps!


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