Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Scene of the Blog Featuring Kate of Nose in a Book!

Since I tend to read and review mysteries, you might think that I only read crime fiction reviews and visit blogs devoted to mysteries. Granted, I do a lot of that, but I don't wear blinders, and I do pay attention to other things.

I first saw this week's featured book blogger mentioned on another blog, and when I visited Kate of Nose in a Book, I was impressed by the simplicity of her blog. Not just the clean lines of the design, but in her choice of content.

Kate, who lives in Bristol, England, doesn't spend much time with memes; she concentrates on her books and her life. Her reading is extremely eclectic, and I find myself keeping an eye on her reviews. Kate also shares her local bookshops with readers as well as DIY adventures. If you haven't visited Nose in a Book, I certainly hope you'll take the time to do so. Clicking on "Read more" is going to take you to some insightful reviews and wonderful photographs!

Most of you know the drill, but for those of you who are visiting Scene of the Blog for the first time-- Welcome! -- here's the scoop: If you'd like to see any of the following photos in a larger size, all you have to do is click on them. Now let's step aside so Kate can take us on a tour!

Kate's comfy reading and blogging spot

I almost always blog from the sofa, curled up under my fluffy orange blanket with a mug of tea at hand. I quite often write my blogs in a notebook first-- our house is littered with notebooks of all shapes and sizes and they're all partly used. This is also my favourite reading spot, under the fairy lights and an old slightly broken standard lamp.

Kate's bedside reading

The other place where I do a lot of reading is bed, and this is where I keep my stack of "now and next" reads. It's an abbreviated version of the half a bookcase dedicated to my TBR!

Kate's library

I started my website partly because I realised that I had boxes of books I was fairly sure I had read but remembered almost nothing about, so I thought I could start jotting down some thoughts about each one as I finished it. Those books are now on shelves in my new library rather than in boxes, and I am getting better at remembering each book thanks to the blog.

I loved the last photo of Kate's library the second I laid eyes on it-- the rich color on the walls, the crisp white trim and door, the light wood of the floor and bookcases. (Wanting to look at all those books is a given, isn't it?) I wanted to see more of that room... just had to see more! I'm happy to say that if you feel the same way I do about Kate's library, you're in luck. Kate featured the transformation of her dining room into a library on her blog, and if you're in the mood to ooooh! and ahhhh!, head on over to Kate's post Job Done. Wow!

Thank you so much for showing us your creative spaces, Kate. We certainly do appreciate it!

Stop by next Wednesday when I'll be featuring another member of our worldwide book blogging community.


  1. Kate's blog is lovely and so is her library. I wonder if I could get Carl to go for a library in our house?

  2. I'm tickled by the little bookcase to make use of the space behind the door. My husband built a library for me and I can see Kate treasures hers as much as I do mine. Nice comfy blogging/napping spaces.

  3. And more book shelves on the other side of the room - Beautiful! Can I come for a visit? Please?

  4. Kathy-- Put a Carl Corner in it somewhere and he probably would!

    Barbara-- I smiled at that, too. I hope you went to her blog to see the rest of the room!

    Debbie-- I know! I want to visit, too! Kate could charge for tours....

  5. I love Kate's bookshelves and her couch and orange blanket sound like the perfect place to cuddle up and blog.

  6. Hello all and thank you for saying so many nice things, especially Cathy.

    Barbara: the bookcase behind the door fits very neatly but we tend to keep that door wide open, which completely hides the bookcase and it gets forgotten. I suppose we could hide fun things there!

    Debbie: I love showing off my library to visitors! But I may need to start a logbook of which books I've loaned out :-)

  7. Mary-- They're lovely, aren't they?

  8. The library is absolutely beautiful!
    And I really like her blog as well.

  9. Peggy-- I'm so glad you visited her!


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