Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Scene of the Blog Featuring Bev of My Reader's Block!

If you take a look at the sidebar of this week's featured book blogger, you just might get the idea that she loves reading challenges. Sure enough... there it is... a button that says "Reading Challenge Addict"!

Bev of My Reader's Block is a very eclectic reader, hence all those challenges, but she does love vintage mysteries-- which is why I keep my eye on her blog. My Reader's Block is just the right mix of reviews, memes, challenges, and other goodies. Please head on over to take a look, and don't forget to say hello while you're checking out her blog!  (Speaking of checking out things, if you'd like to see any of the following photos in a larger size, all you have to do is click on them.)  Hey, Bev! You've got some visitors!

Bev's usual blogging spot
This is my usual blogging space.  I like to kick back on the couch and reach out into the interwebs with my laptop on my....lap (how ingenious), my feet up, and a pillow at my back.  And with the space on the couch I can pile books at my side, if need be, and maybe a snack or two.

Bev's back-up
Here is my back-up blogging space.  It's not nearly as comfy and conducive to creative thought.  Sitting up at the desk top.....and in my husband's space with a bit more clutter....just doesn't quite cut it.  But occasionally there are things that work better on the desk top than the lap top.  I'm not computer-savvy enough to know why--I just know that they do.

Bev's work area
Last, but not least, is my work area.  When there's nothing going on at work (shhhh, don't tell the boss that THAT happens or it won't anymore) and I get a brilliant blogging idea, then I sneak a few moments in and do a little My Reader's Block magic here.  Please note that I seem to use up all my neat and tidy organizational skills at work....there aren't a whole lot left when I get home.

Bev, I don't think you're the only one whose organizational skills don't transfer well! Your couch looks large enough and comfy enough for me to make a "nest" for several hours. (I'll bring the nibbles and a couple of stacks of books.)

Thanks so much for sharing your creative spaces with us-- we really appreciate this glimpse into your home!


  1. Thanks so much for having me. And, of course, you're welcome to come snack and read and blog on my couch any time!

  2. I'm just the opposite. I prefer my desktop and use the laptop as my back-up! I love Bev's space.

  3. Thanks for checking out my space, Kathy!

  4. I love my Laptop. Only use the desk if something is wrong with the laptop. I hate the desktop.

    I love your lovely little cozy corner for reading and blogging. It looks very inviting. I also visit your Reader's Block quite often.

  5. Thanks, Gigi Ann! Cozy corners are the best--especially for reading!

  6. Hey, Bev, thanks for sharing your 'work' space! That couch sure does look comfy. I wouldn't get much blogging done there though. I'd be napping. :)

    I have a desk PC and I love it.

  7. @Yvette: It is comfy. And sometimes I do wind up drowsy....but I still like being more comfy. I spend my whole day sitting up at a desktop.

  8. PS: Yvette: didja notice the Star Trek calendar?

  9. Oh wow - that couch looks SOOOO comfy! No wonder Bev has a super creative blog. Thanks for letting us a take a peek behind her scenes.


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