Friday, August 05, 2011

Ice Cream Soup for This Weekly Link Round-Up

I've just returned from grocery shopping. Blech. It's a chore that I abhor doing any time of the year, but August in Phoenix means grocery shopping is a race to see which melts faster: my brain or the ice cream.

This week was not a yawn week. Denis has had trouble with chronic painful ear infections in one ear. He's already suffered hearing loss due to his years in the Royal Navy, but his doctor has done wonders in greatly improving his hearing. (For which his soft-spoken, sharp-eared wife owes him a huge debt of gratitude!) Well, Denis needed an operation to get rid of that infection-- something that would normally be an outpatient affair-- but since he has sleep apnea, he had to stay overnight.

I had to smile seeing him after surgery. He had a bandage that definitely made him look as though he'd come out on the wrong end of a horrible fight-- but someone had gotten creative and tied a little bow in it above his left eye... complete with frilled edges. Someone is quite talented with rolls of gauze!

He's back home now, and (as we used to say in my old stomping grounds) he's fine as frog hair. We've both had our hospital stays for 2011, and we'd better stay out of the places for a good long time!

On to the links before I head out for the pool!

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That's it for this week. Don't forget to stop by next weekend when I'll have a freshly selected batch of links for your surfing pleasure!


  1. Cathy - So sorry to hear about Denis' ear infection. Still, though, that was a funny mental picture with the frills and all :-).

    Thanks, as ever, for the links!

  2. I'm glad things went well with Denis's surgery!

  3. Margot-- He looked quite dashing with his frills!

    Kathy-- Thanks. He went back to work this evening.

  4. I'm glad there was a surgery that could help Denis' problem. My husband can't hear worth beans despite two very expensive hearing aids. They've been adjusted as far as they can be. :(

    Since he's so soft spoken now, our house is like a 3 ring circus. We both misunderstand each other. :D

    I thought of you immediately when I heard about the waterproof paperback books.

  5. Barbara-- When I first glanced at the article about the waterproof paperbacks, I saw the words "wax coating" and immediately thought, "No way! Here in Phoenix, I'd be sitting in the pool with a melted book!" LOL

  6. I hope Denis is all healed and feeling like new.

    Cheryl at CMash Loves to Read, pointed me in your direction today, telling me you mentioned my blog. Thanks for noticing and giving me a shout out.

  7. Oh, too bad you didn't share a photo of the bow. ;)

    I saw that article about the waterproof paperback - I've been telling my husband for years that they need to make something like that. It would certainly open up more opportunities for reading in my day.

  8. Gigi Ann-- Denis is fine. The area around his ear is still swollen and makes his ear stick out. Denis says he looks like Prince Charles on that side! LOL

    Alyce-- He posted one on his Facebook page, but it's not close enough to really see the bow.


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