Friday, August 19, 2011

I Saw Circus Bird on This Weekly Link Round-Up!

Denis and I (plus four other old geezers) went to see the final Harry Potter movie this week. I hate to see them come to an end, even if I can watch them repeatedly on DVD.  Denis also cleaned out his side of the closet, as well as some shelves and drawers in the armoire, and made a sizable donation to a local charity. Each time I went in to hang up his clean clothes on laundry day, I was pleasantly shocked at the amount of the clothes rail I could see. I used to take my life in my hands trying to cram something on it. Good on ya, darlin'!

The other surprise this week occurred out in the pool. For three days, I was allowed to see something I've never before witnessed-- a bird getting a drink out of the pool. Now, that may sound like an everyday occurrence, but it's not. We have a railing at the steps leading down into the water, but only the grackles and white-winged doves have figured out how to use it to quench their thirst. The other birds just walk around the edge, stare longingly at the water, and pine away. Some of them are so thirsty that they don't notice the bird baths and fountains close by. But one little bird is a multi-tasker!

My multi-tasking feathered friend
You're going to have to click on the photo to see any of the detail at all, but here's what happened....

I was sitting in the pool reading Laura Lippman's latest when this little bird started flying at the water. Just call me Cathy Doolittle, but I talk to critters. As the little bird kept flying at the water, I said, "Don't do that. You can't swim, and I'll have to come over there and bail you out." Ha! Little did I know!

This little (unidentified) bird which has the characteristics of some sort of warbler was figuring out the logistics. With wings outstretched and tail up, it would land right on the water, beak open and head diving below the surface to get a drink. With its wings, it would then push up from the water and fly into the oleanders where it would preen and enjoy feeling cool. It would be in the water for at least three seconds each time. On the third day, I saw this little guy do this six times! How cool is that?!?

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That's it for this week! Don't forget to stop by next weekend when I'll have a freshly selected batch of links for your surfing pleasure!


  1. The story of that bird is amazing. Wow!!

  2. What a nice story about an enterprising bird!

    And thank you for your links, especially the ebook ones. Much as I´ll lament the day when children do not buy and read paper books, I know that the ebook is *my* great opportunity. What else could I do with my readers scattered all over the world, and none of them right next door to me.

  3. Beth-- As they say in England, I was gobsmacked when I saw it!

    Dorte-- I have that section in my links post because of you. :-)

  4. And a cool wee circus bird he is!

    Thanks for the round-up - great, as usual.

  5. Debbie-- I'm glad you enjoy the links!

  6. Thanks for the round-up Cathy. I've sent you an award. It's on my blog now as we speak. :)

  7. Your link posts are my guilty pleasure reads at the end of the week, I just love them!

  8. Yay for simple things in life - the pleasures of watching a (very enterprising) bird, and a clean closet.

  9. Yvette-- Bless your heart (even though I'm allergic to strawberries)!

    Alyce-- Yes! I've always wanted to be a guilty pleasure! LOL

    Dawn-- Simple is usually best!


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