Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ho, Ho, Ho-- It's Time for the Weekly Link Round-Up!

Another quiet week here at Casa Kittling. For one thing, it was a bit too warm to be getting into any shenanigans. (116°F/47°C) Throw in a couple of doctor's appointments, a run to the grocery store for needed ingredients, and all I wanted to do was spend the afternoon in the shady end of the pool with a succession of good books and cold drinks.

In the evenings while Denis is at work, I've been watching DVDs and Netflix instant streaming while I needlepoint. The first two weeks, I conducted my own Richard Chamberlain Film Festival ( "The Thornbirds" and "Shogun"), and now I'm watching the original "Star Trek" television series. I've also started making Christmas stocking shelf sitters while watching television, hence the "ho, ho, ho." Something tells me that a few of the gaps (yes, I have those) on my bookshelves will have Christmas stockings on them.

Enough about my yawn of a week, and let's get on to the links!

Bookish News & Other Fun Stuff

A Few Bookish Lists

Bookish Furniture & Fashion


New to My Google Reader

There you have it-- this week's links. Don't forget to stop by next weekend when I'll share a freshly selected batch of links for your surfing pleasure!


  1. Cathy - Love those links! Thanks for sharing as ever and stay cool!

  2. I see that you are currently reading Books Can Be Deceiving. I thought it was a great start to a new series; I love her cupcake bakery series!

  3. I had looked at those celebrity home libraries yesterday. Not many of them look like the libraries of real readers. Notice all the matching sets and color coordination? The one of a writer's library was the most real looking one to me.

  4. Margot-- I've lived here in Phoenix sans air conditioning. I have plenty of tricks for staying cool!

    Barbara-- I agree. I have to admit that when I look at those photos I imagine myself in them and wonder how they'd work for me. Extremely few of them feel like a good fit.


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