Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Showing Off on Wordless Wednesday

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  1. look at the grand red beak!
    I love hummingbirds...

  2. Wow!!!! I always have a hard time capturing birds.

  3. He looks like the end of his beak got a little too close to the fire or something. Very cute.

  4. Nice! Hummingbirds taunt me. They never want to stay still long enough for me to focus.

  5. Caite-- So do I!

    Kathy-- Thank you. It has almost everything to do with the subject matter!

    Beth-- There must be something goofy about me that mesmerizes them just long enough for a decent shot or two! LOL

    Barbara-- Perhaps he was celebrating National Toasted Marshmallow Day a bit early?

    Leslie-- You're unfortunate because you only get one type of hummer there. When I lived in central Illinois, after observing the Ruby Throats, I thought hummingbirds never stayed still and never perched on anything. I had to come all the way to Arizona to learn differently! LOL


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