Wednesday, June 22, 2011

It's Wordless Wednesday, but I know you're in there!

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  1. Great shot, although he could always be admiring himself in the glass!!

    We have some very large windows and glass doors in our place and it is amazing just how often birds will sit in the sills, twittering away as if there is a bird on the other side talking back to them.

    Then of course there are those that give themselves massive headaches by head butting the glass!!!


  2. maybe it thinks another birdie is in there!
    a great capture.

  3. I saw the title and thought for sure you would be posting a picture of a saguaro hole! Ours are full of babies, and I love hearing their echo-y cheeps if I stand right outside of one!

  4. Poor thing. He thinks he just found a very handsome friend. :D

  5. I'm smiling at Barbara's comment - he probably is carrying on a conversation with .... himself!

  6. Yvonne-- Those head-butters give me massive headaches!! In the case of this bird, it was methodically going from window to window, peering inside and calling out. He thought his reflection meant there was another bird in the Jeep.

    Caite-- Yes, indeed. He's after his Evil Twin!

    Jill-- I always laugh when I see a saguaro hotel. One day at the Botanical Garden here in Phoenix, I had a visiting friend say, "I've heard all about these being used by birds and other animals. Do they REALLY live in those holes?" Right about then I pointed at a hole and she saw a Gila Woodpecker giving her the eye! LOL

    Barbara-- Yes, and he wasn't a bit happy about it either!

    Marie-- Thanks!

    Dawn-- He most certainly is!

  7. Hahaha... I missed this one last week. They are so funny when they talk to themselves.

  8. Leslie-- They certainly are!


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