Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Are You a Hardcover Book or a Paperback Book?

You Are an Ebook

You are ultra modern and cutting edge. You don't want to have to wait for anything if you don't have to.

You love technology, and you always are up for trying out the latest and greatest gadget.

Your tastes tend to fall outside the mainstream. You often can't find what you're looking for at a regular store.

You aren't the most patient person in the world. If you see something you want, you've got to have it as soon as possible!


  1. So funny. I just did it and im a paperback

  2. I'm a hardcover book

    When it comes to reading, you tend to stick to old and modern classics. You are picky about what you read.
    You probably anticipate certain books' releases, and you snatch them up the moment they're available.

    You have been building a library of books that mean a lot to you. You carefully consider every book before deciding to add it to your collection.
    You believe that if a book is worth reading, it's worth paying more to have it in hardcover.

  3. You Are a Paperback Book
    You are an avid reader, and you probably buy a lot of books. And nothing beats an inexpensive paperback you can carry around.
    You read whatever you feel like reading. You aren't a snob, and you aren't ashamed of your tastes.

    You always have a stack of books to get through, and it seems to be constantly multiplying.
    You don't mind waiting for a book you want to come out in paperback. You have plenty to read in the meantime!

    Cathy, the ebook response for you sounds exactly like my father. If he were still alive, he'd be going crazy with all the electronic gadgets out now.

  4. I'm a Hardcover

    I have to agree, i'll pay for a hardcover and definitely will take an ecopy before a paperback or used book. :-)

  5. Wow. I'm all by my lonesome with eBook, and I don't even own one. The only part of the description that really fits me is that my tastes usually fall outside the mainstream.


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