Sunday, May 22, 2011

Why I Limit My Visits to the Poisoned Pen

I know how much the reading obsessed love to check out the book towers of others, so click on the photo to avoid eye strain. Please notice how carefully I stacked them to prevent Pisa Syndrome.

Yes, that was what I brought home from my recent visit to the Poisoned Pen-- THE best mystery bookstore in the U.S. of A. (Not that I'd ever show bias.) Three of the books were freebies given to me by the kind folks who work there. They knew I needed a good cardio-vascular workout carrying these from place to place! (And it worked, although I'd swear my right arm is now longer than my left.)

This photo also answers the question I posed last week in Which Stack Is Mine? For the true sleuth, there were clues. One stack contained a book (Inger Ash Wolfe's The Calling) that I'd already read and reviewed. Plus... I'd also mentioned several of the books in my stack in my New Mystery Releases posts as ones that I'd added to my wish list.

Now they're off my wish list and included in my LibraryThing inventory.

So... are you a good sleuth??? I know that those who answered correctly are in the running for a prize from Kay on My Random Acts of Reading!


Kay has drawn the name of the lucky winner. Congratulations, Nise'!


  1. You know, Cathy, even I didn't see your whole stack. I think it was already in the bag when I was trotting my picks back and forth to the front desk. Hope you get much enjoyment from your picks! LOL

    So, my stack was on the left in the picture and yours was on the right. And, yes, I'll be picking a winner from the correct guess bunch for a bit of prize pack. There were several right answers. Post will go up sometime this afternoon.

    This was fun. We'll have to do it again after my bank account recovers! :-)

  2. Well, it looks like I guessed wrong. I'm glad to see you're doing your patriotic duty supporting publishers, authors and indie bookstores!

  3. One of the things that made me think that was your stack was the Barbara Nadel book, since you'd recently reviewed Belshazzar's Daughter. And a few days after the picture went up, Dog's Don't Lie showed up in your current reads on the side of your blog, which seemed to confirm it.

  4. This is why I limit my visits to bookstores, too.

    LOL - I guessed right, even if for perhaps the wrong reasons ;-)

    Happy reading!

  5. Kay-- I realized that that wasn't the entire stack... I left one book out! LOL

    Kathy-- You bet I am!

    Pepper-- You are the Superior Sleuth!

    Debbie-- Yabbut... you were right! LOL

  6. Either that, or I'm just real quick to make guesses on minimal information, lol!

  7. Pepper-- Nah. Superior Sleuth! :-D

  8. Love the stack..looks like a lot of great reading in your future.

  9. Kris-- I've already been conducting a few taste tests from it! LOL


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