Friday, May 06, 2011

Weekly Link Round-Up Amidst Stacks of Books

Let me tell you, life is really rough. I've been spending my late mornings and early afternoons amidst stacks of books. In 2008, I had 6,000 books, give or take a tome. As of now, I have slightly under 2,000. 1,000 of my books have been listed on Paperback Swap, and the rest have been donated to various places.

Now it's down to me moving the books to where I want them. My fiction and non-fiction books are all in the library. My TBR books are all in one place. I've moved more books out of the office. And...(don't tell anyone) I even have an empty five-shelf bookcase that I no longer need. Scary, ain't it?

I've posted a few photos on my Facebook page, but when I'm satisfied that I'm done, I'll be posting a proper Before & After here on Kittling: Books. Let's face it-- true bookaholics never tire of looking at people's bookshelves.

With the perfect weather here in Phoenix, by 2 PM I take my book and a cold drink outside to sit in the shade by the fountains to read and watch the birds and listen to the water.

Yes. Life is really rough. And I love it!

Are you ready for some links? Good, because I am, too!

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There you have it. I hope you found one or two that piqued your interest. Don't forget to stop by next weekend when I'll have a freshly chosen batch of links for your surfing pleasure. See you then!


  1. Sounds like you are enjoying de-cluttering - I am jealous - for one such as me (a non-hoarder) I don't have much around to de-clutter when the urge hits. My hoarding friends lock their doors when they see that 'need to throw out' gleam in my eyes. Look forward to seeing your pics because you're right, there can never be too many pictures of bookshelves

  2. Glad you discovered Book Mind Set -- a fun blog.

    It's been too cool here to sit outside and read ... soon though.

    I need to do a major book cull myself.

  3. Oh I'm glad you found Geosi Reads - I really enjoy his blog! Great reviews of great lit :)

    I have to say congratulations on the book weeding. Wow, you've gotten rid of quite a lot!!! All the best and happy organizing. Nothing better than organizing books :)

  4. Cathy - Thanks, as ever, for these links! You've included some terrific ones. And I am very eager what your final bookshelf project looks like :-).

  5. I procrastinated about weeding out books, and starting today I'll be busy mowing, trimming, etc. outside so I guess I'll have to declutter in small bits of time.

  6. If only my life was as rough as yours. haha! It sounds wonderful and I can't believe you've gotten rid of so many books. I mean, I've seen the pictures, but didn't realize it was that many!

    The Lolita covers was very interesting. I personally have the 1997 vintage one with the saddle shoes and it's one of my favorites.

  7. I can't remember how I stumbled upon your blog, but it was a very happy accident. You are quite correct, all book lovers love to spy on other people's book shelves. I rather see their shelves than what is in their fridge! (Although I admit, the fridge can be a pretty interesting place to spy as well!)

  8. I had fun giving a tour of my shelves - looking forward to peeping at your newly organized and filtered collection.

    I am one of the 60% who HAS used my iPad to read a book. I love everything about it.

  9. Bernadette-- My books were the only thing left that I hoarded. The older I get, the more like my grandmother I become! LOL

    Candace-- Yes, it is!

    Amy-- I could spend days and days working with my books. I had an assembly line set up for myself while I was doing it.

    Margot-- I've gotten busy and haven't gotten anything posted yet. All the photos are taken, though!

    Barbara-- I'm so glad I have desert landscaping!

    Kris-- I really enjoyed looking through those Lolita covers, too.

    Grad-- I've been known not to invite a person back to my home if he made fun of my books! I'm glad you found me!

    Molly-- One of the 60%? Good for you!


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