Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Scene of the Blog Featuring Misty and Alex of Hawai'i Book Blog!

My grandfather never went out of his way to hand out a compliment. He was also a homebody and didn't really care all that much for traveling. (I didn't inherit my wanderlust gene from him.) Perhaps he didn't like to travel because most of his was done in the Navy in the South Pacific during World War II.

He did manage, however, to compliment two places as "the most beautiful [he'd] ever seen"-- the Golden Gate Bridge (his route home when the war was over)... and Hawaii. Every photograph I've ever seen has told me that my grandfather's complimentary view of Hawaii is well-deserved, and I think those islands hold an allure for many thousands of people around the world.

With my love of books and fondness for our fiftieth state, it's no wonder that I was thrilled when I stumbled across Misty and Alex's Hawai'i Book Blog. In it you will find everything you want to know about the books and authors of Hawaii. It's my hope that all of you will take the time to visit their blog, say hello, and subscribe so you can keep up with all the literary doings. You'll probably pick up some words of Hawaiian along the way, too!

Before Misty and Alex show us their creative spaces, don't forget that you can click on each photo to view it full size. Okay, you two, take it away!


I'm Misty.  -->

<-- I'm Alex.

We're so happy to have this opportunity to share our space with you. We're not only blog partners but we also live together and have converted our (teeny tiny) spare room into an office. When we're not reading or writing we go to literary events and write-up recaps for the blog. We go to book signings and readings, take pictures with authors and participate in fundraisers for non-profit literacy organizations. We want to share our love of Hawaii books and reading with everyone.

We keep a calendar so that we can make sure our posts are relevant and timely. It helps us stay organized and motivated, especially Alex because he has a very poor memory. Knowing what else is going on during the month helps us keep our content fresh and gives us new ideas on ways to incorporate books into everyday life.

Blog storming!
We try to have a variety of different posts that will stay "evergreen", so every two months we do something we call “blog storming” (like brain storming) and think of unique and interesting things to write or tweet about. We write down all our ideas on big sheets of paper tacked to the closet door.

Misty's desk
My desk is organized chaos because I like to have information right at my fingertips. I printed out a list of overused book review words to hang on the wall and it’s a constant source of amusement for us when we catch ourselves using them. My favorite from that list is “unflinching”… as opposed to what? Flinching? I am also a poster-girl for Post-Its. I LOVE them. I use them for everything: reminders, to-do lists, outlines—they really help organize my thoughts. And pens! I have a bucket of pens on my desk too, all different colors.

Alex's desk

My space is comfy, casual and a little confined. To save space, I’ve converted an old TV stand into a desk and I use a loveseat as secondary workspace and for sitting and reading. For the most part I love working from the couch but sometimes it’s a little too comfy and I find myself falling asleep. I’m also closer to the bookshelf and can easily grab things when needed or inspired. It’s a double-edged sword though, since Misty makes me grab things for her all the time too. Neither of us could imagine working in the other's space. Her desk and chair are too rigid, and she says my couch is too slouchy.

The Hawaii bookshelf

Alex and I like to read all kinds of books but this shelf is filled mostly with books about/in Hawaii, or by authors from Hawaii (plus a few others we've been meaning to read when we get a spare bit of time). Hawaii's books are so diverse, we find ourselves reading everything from murder mysteries to books on architecture. We have bookshelves throughout the house, but this one stays in the office since it's the one with all the stuff important to Hawaii Book Blog

This was a first for Scene of the Blog: having two bloggers sharing the same blog and the same space. I can see that organization would, indeed, be key to their success. ( the way, Misty, I also have a passion for Post-Its and gel pens!)

Their Hawaiian bookshelf reminds me that I have my own filled-to-bursting Arizona bookshelf, and that I really should do something about sharing it with others here on Kittling: Books. I think that most book bloggers use some sort of "mapping" system for their posts and scheduling, and it was great to actually see someone else's besides my own.

Thank you so much for sharing your creative spaces with us, Misty and Alex! We certainly appreciate the glimpse into your world. Keep up the great work on your blog!

Don't forget to stop by next Wednesday when I'll be featuring another great blogger from our worldwide book blogging community!


  1. Dual blogging household! How fun is that? I lived and worked in Hawaii twice when I was in grad school (doing research) and have a soft spot in my heart for your state.

  2. wow...those charts..I feel like such a slacker.

  3. have to say I feeling a little whiteboard here (though I do have a list of bloggy ideas somewhere).

    Thanks for introducing me to a new blog about one of the loveliest places I have ever visited.

  4. Talk about organized! I can't wait to check out their blog - heading there now.

  5. Oh how I wish I was that organized. I am slowly starting to work out a routine and hoping it will stay.

    I am off to check out their blog now. Thanks for sharing this blog with us Cathy.

  6. Oh how I wish I was that organized. I am slowly starting to work out a routine and hoping it will stay.

    I am off to check out their blog now. Thanks for sharing this blog with us Cathy.

  7. Interesting, and how organized they are. I wouldn´t mind someone writing half of my blog posts :)

  8. Thanks Cathy for an amazing post and everyone for your comments. The organization really does help but we still slack off quite a bit :) especially early on in the week so we find ourselves with extra posts on Friday sometimes.

  9. @ Beth F... thanks! did you attend UH Manoa? Their University Press publishes very intriguing books.

    @ Cait...LOL it's all my fault. I can be incredibly anal. I have no idea how Alex puts up with me at all. I think it helps that we both love to read, albeit very different things.

  10. Thank you Cathy for inviting us onto "Scene of the Blog." I almost feel like apologizing about not taking beautiful, touristy photos of Hawaiʻi. I'm sure most people would like to imagine us ONLY reading books on the beach, but the truth is, we're often too busy to even get there. It's definitely been way too long since we last went. :)

    Oh, and anyone who reads this, feel free to poke and prod us for any good Hawaiʻi book recommendations...or even anything having to do with Hawaiʻi in general. We'd be more than happy to share the goods on our island home with everyone.

  11. I love that they live and blog together - too cool! Also, blogstorming, what an awesome idea! This post was so much fun to read. Thanks for sharing!

  12. I love that 'unflinching' is on that list of overused review words twice. In fact, I love the list of overused words--as with all writing, it's too easy to fall into plugging words into slots rather than thinking about what you want to say. Kudos for weeding your review vocabulary!

  13. So much energy is very admirable! In fact, it's inspired me. I've made a list of words I use too much in my reviews and I'm going to look up local book events. :D Yay!

  14. Yeah 'unflinching' is on the list twice! I didn't notice until I had already printed it out and taped it up. Now I just make doubly sure not to use it ;)

    @Anastasia, I'd love to see your list of words! It's a fun exercise to see which words we overuse without thinking. I know "awesome" is one I'm very guilt of.

    Thanks for your comments!

  15. Great idea to post a list of overused words. I'm guilty of quite a few, which I'll admit is lazy writing. I remember the smell of Hawaii more than anything else about it. Well, that's a lie. I remember short daily rains in Kauai, and a place that made the best macadamia nut sticky buns in the world.


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