Saturday, May 14, 2011

A "Blogger Put a Catch in My Getalong" Weekly Link Round-Up

Evidently Blogger tried to reinvent the wheel this week. As a result, many of us have experienced missing posts and comments, and my routine got seriously disrupted. (I know... poor me!) Enough of the grumps, I have other news to impart.

Tuesday I had the great good fortune to meet fellow book blogger, Kay of My Random Acts of Reading. We met at our favorite indie bookstore, the Poisoned Pen. After making some serious dents in their shelves, we went to a table and chairs in the back and got down to serious business. First off, I had to take Kay's photo for Jen Forbus's Crime Readers Caught Reading Crime... at an Indie Bookstore. You'll be able to catch Kay toward the end of the month on Jen's blog.

Then we made two stacks of our purchases, and I took another photo. Kay and I will both be doing something with that photo. In fact, once I get this post done, I'll get to work on that.

Thank heavens the Poisoned Pen has a cooler filled with drinks because Kay and I talked so much that we were parched in no time! It's always great fun to talk books with a fellow addict, and it was wonderful meeting Kay. I can't wait for her next visit to the Phoenix area!

By the way, while we were sitting in the back of the store talking, one of the Poisoned Pen employees, Will Hanisko, came out of his cubby hole, talked blogging with us for a bit, and wound up bringing us a tall stack of advanced reading copies telling us to take as many as we liked. He didn't have to say it twice. Thanks, Will!

I'd better stop yakking and start linking, or the folks at Blogger will start working on their wheel again. Let's get to it!

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It's an abbreviated round-up this week, but we're at that time of year when I spend a lot of time outside. I take the heat much better than my netbook! Hopefully I still managed to find an article or two that piqued your interest. Don't forget to stop by next weekend when I'll have a freshly selected batch of links for your surfing pleasure. Have a great weekend!


  1. Meeting Kay sounds like so much fun! Isn't it funny how it's liking meeting an old friend when you meet a blogger in real life for the very first time?

  2. How fun to meet another blogger! The Poisoned Pen sounds like a wonderful place too :)
    I was relieved to see that I've never asked any of the questions not to ask at a bookstore reading (thanks for that link)!
    Have a great week, Cathy.

  3. I've been whining about Blogger too since I completely lost a post and 2 comments.

    I had lunch yesterday with a fellow book addict. She was my editor when I was a reporter; now that we're both retired we read constantly and trade books. So nice to get together.

  4. That science fiction quiz was a killer. I only got 4 right and one of them was a guess. And I read a lot of scifi.

  5. Had a great time meeting you too, Cathy! I always love checking out your links too. Glad you do this each week.

  6. Just wanted to add how much I enjoy your links each week, always something bookish and entertaining and brain expanding to read! Thanks! That bookshop sounds divine, too.

  7. Kathy-- I've met so many people in person that I first met online that you'd think I'd be used to them being "old friends"... but I'm not. Just very thankful that it happens!

    Mary-- You, too, Mary. Thanks for stopping by!

    Barbara-- I lost 2 posts and 6 comments. The only thing that kept me smiling was imagining all the excrement raining down upon the heads of the people who screwed up.

    Leslie-- Yes, that definitely was a difficult quiz!

    Kay-- I'm glad you enjoy the links.

    Selene-- Believe me... it is VERY divine! I'm glad you enjoy the links. :)


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