Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Scene of the Blog Featuring Suey of It's All About Books!

Sometimes the oddest things make you feel a kinship with a total stranger. When I read the profile of this week's featured book blogger, I felt that connection. What did I read?

"Sometimes I clean stuff, but only if I have to."

Amen, sister! There are a lot more important things in this world than the un-winnable fight to vanquish dirt. Just ain't gonna happen. No how. No way. If I have some spare time, I'm going to spend it with a loved one, or pick up a book... or my camera. You won't see me giving my vacuum cleaner a fond pat on the handle.

Yes, Suey of It's All About Books and I have that thing in common-- besides books, that is. If you visit her blog (and I sincerely hope that you do), you'll see how passionate she is about books. From reviews, to supporting local authors, to reading challenges and top ten lists, Suey has fun with books. Stop by It's All About Books and say hello, won't you?

Before we reveal Suey's blogging spots, don't forget that you can click on each photo to view it in a larger size. (Which helps when you're trying to decipher the words on the spine of a book... I know I'm not the only one who does it!)

Okay, Suey! Ready for your close-up???

Suey's desk

Since I was lucky enough to finally get my very own laptop for Christmas, I spend a lot of time blogging while sitting at this cute little IKEA desk in my room, next to my TBR bookshelf. What a lovely picture, huh? It makes me realize what a bare wall I have! Something I hope to fix someday soon! And look at those crazy messy shelves! I try to organize it now and then, but currently, it's in its very unorganized state. Anyway, I love this little spot, as messy and bare as it is... next to the books, in my own little corner of the house. Of course, I often prop myself up in the bed and put the laptop on my lap and blog away there too. And sometimes the couch and sometimes down in front of the TV... but usually at this little desk.
Computer Central for Suey's home

Now, here is the main computer spot in the house, found in the corner of our kitchen/family room area. Yes... two computers. Sometimes I'm on one, sometimes on the other... usually in the morning before everyone else is up. This spot is shared by the whole family.. and thus I don't even try to organize it! I love the desk and would really like to make it cute and lovely looking, but everyone just throws things all over it and the shelves just have crap galore, but at this point, that's just how it's going to have to stay. I didn't even straighten it up at all for the picture. Anyway, on the very the day I took this picture the right computer decided to stop working, and it's barely a year old. I'm so bugged! I hope we get it figured out soon. On the left computer, I wanted you to notice the picture we have up as our wallpaper. It's a quail. BUT, can you see the ghostly looking woman too? Her face is the white shadows in front of the bird? My daughter took the picture and since we've discovered this accidental illusion, that's all we can see now, and we don't even see the quail anymore! Weird.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed seeing my two very humble blogging spots! I got a little nervous about doing this after seeing everyone else's cute and quaint spaces... maybe someday I'll have a chance to turn a corner into such a place.

I hope Suey has her computer up and running. I can see where its death could be very inconvenient!

Suey is a busy wife and mother, and I applaud her for her bravery in showing us her blogging spaces au naturel. (They look perfectly fine to me!) According to her, her creative spaces are a bit humble, but the important thing is that they work for her, and we appreciate Suey letting us take a peek.

Who will be featured on next week's Scene of the Blog? I'll never tell! See you next Wednesday....


  1. No, Cathy, you're not the only one looking at the titles on the book shelves. And...Suey, you know if we could just turn the shelves just a little to the right...we could see the titles better. LOL

    I love your little desk and don't even think about apologizing for any of this. You are a busy woman and you can clean or straighten or whatnot when your kids are grown.... or not, like I do. :-)

  2. Whoa that is a mess, isn't it! :) Oh, well. Lived in, that's what my house is! Sorry, I should have thought to make the bookshelves more readable, but I guess that gives you all a fun challenge. You can see, though, my stack of Book Thiefs...this was before the fun Markus Zusak signing moment.

  3. I thought that was a picture of a woman on the computer. I can't see a bird there, no matter what!

    Your blogging spaces are wonderful! They are so personal and it looks like you have ideas flowing for sure. What a great way to wake up -- to see a huge tower of books first thing. I love it!

  4. Thanks for featuring Suey. I've had the pleasure of being in her house and seeing the main work station but now I've seen the much talked about "to be read shelf". Awesome!

  5. Rose City Reader: Too funny that all you can see is the woman... you'll have to click to make it big and to see the bird. Yes, it's pretty funny to go to sleep and wake up to my pile of books.

    Jenny: You haven't seen my TBR shelf before? Yep, that's it! A little insane, yes?

  6. I don´t know if you have cleaned your place, Cathy (I´d never notice so don´t do it for my sake), but you´ve had new wallpaper since I´ve had time to visit you properly! Very nice.

    And of course I love having a look at someone else´s shelves - perhaps I should remind Suey of my son´s words: I don´t consider anything you can read clutter. (He´s a wise guy, isn´t he?)

  7. It's hard to keep shelves straight when there are so many books coming in and out.

  8. I always like visiting peoples' houses like this, but don't always say so--thanks Cathy! Had to comment on this one because I've seen Suey's name and visited her blog from time to time, but haven't been a good enough neighbor to speak up. Hi!

  9. Way to own up to your space! My "blogging space" and pretty much any shelf areas are wild. I'm glad to know I'm in such good company :)

  10. That kitchen desk is definitely computer central!

  11. I love the spots! :) They are the best. I think we should call these creative chaos and not clutter, which I think we all have!

  12. Suey is one of my favorite bloggers so it was so fun to get to take a peek in her blogging world!

  13. Dorte: Yes, a wise guy indeed!
    Bermuda: Exactly!
    Jeanne: Glad you enjoyed it!
    Melissa: It is wild, and just so you know, I do straighten up now and then!
    Lisa: Computer central and family central too.
    Becky: Creative chaos! Perfect!
    Amused: Ah thanks!

  14. Jenny-- I'm glad that I could feature one of your favorite bloggers!

    Dorte-- Nope. No housecleaning. I just slapped up some new wallpaper! LOL (And your son is Brilliant.)

    Jeanne-- You're welcome!

    Becky-- Creative Chaos? I love it!


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