Tuesday, March 01, 2011

What Is Your Ideal Best Friend Like?

Your Ideal Best Friend is Fun

You have a little trouble breaking out of your shell at times, and you need a little coaxing.

You are really a fun person yourself, but you are sometimes reluctant to let loose.

Your perfect best friend is outgoing and friendly. You're happy to be around a social butterfly.

A fun friend will recognize you for the treasure you are. You are the perfect complement to a total extrovert.


  1. My ideal best friend is sensitive! LOL

    You are a special, intuitive person, and not everyone deserves your amazing friendship.
    You don't do well with snark or sarcasm. You need a best friend who is as sensitive as you are!

    Your best friend will likely share some of your passions, or at least understand them.
    More than anything else, you just want to be understood. Friendship, if nothing else, should be compassionate.

  2. I guess Kathy and I can be friends because I'm the same. But I like snark!

  3. I got the same answer as Cathy, but I think I also need someone sensitive. Good thing I have Dave.

  4. I got Sensitive also, I agree my bf needs to have similar passions as myself.

  5. I got sensitive too! Perhaps we all need to have a pow-wow and meet up and be each other's sensitive bf? lol

    I do like that it says:
    not everyone deserves your amazing friendship

    haha! That's right! I'm special!

  6. Barbara-- I'm glad you're with me; otherwise, I'd definitely be feeling out-numbered with all these sensitive folk! LOL


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