Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What Flavor Pudding Are You?

You Are Banana Pudding

You are playful and optimistic. You have a childlike innocence that you've worked hard to cultivate.

You are unpretentious and real. You don't put on airs... you're happy with who you are!

You are a natural caretaker and a loyal friend. When you don't know what to do, you know you can at least be there for people.

It's likely that you still love the place you grew up in. Home and roots are very important to you.


  1. I am Strawberry Pudding

    You are young at heart and very open minded. You love to be up on the latest trends.
    Trying new things excites you, and it's likely that you have a creative streak.

    You like to push the envelope a little. Your friends know to expect the unexpected with you.
    You are easily brought to the point of bliss. The world just makes you so darn excited!

  2. You Are Rice Pudding

    You are a traditional person with strong values. You always stay true to what you believe.
    You have a strong foundation, and it begins with your family, friends, and community.

    You are a generous person, especially with your time. You believe that it's important to give back.
    You are patient and able to think long term. It's easy for you to honor commitments.

  3. I'm another rice pudding. Well, at least I do love rice pudding.

  4. Strawberry, rice and a couple of bananas...yum! ;)

  5. I'm rice pudding as well...the description is actually pretty accurate ;)

  6. Banana Pudding too! Wah ... bananas are about my least favourite fruit. How did that happen! (Still I can live with the description.)

  7. another rice pudding...a pudding I actually love!

  8. Caite's vote gives rice pudding a slight lead......


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