Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What Feels Like Home to You?

Openness Feels Like Home to You

You think a home should be welcoming to all. You want everyone to feel comfortable in your home.

Hospitality is important to you, and nothing makes you happier than entertaining guests.

You pride yourself on having a tidy and modern home. It's important to you not to have a home you'd be embarrassed of.

You never can feel quite at home at someone else's house. Your home is just that tailored to your taste!


  1. I got:

    Relaxation Feels Like Home to You

    You believe that your home should be your sanctuary. Life is stressful enough in the outside world.
    You take it easy when you're at home. It's the place where you feel like you can truly be yourself.

    You are the type of person who has deep hobbies and interests. You treasure your alone time.
    You could spend all day at home if you had to. You always can find plenty to do around the house.

  2. I got relaxation too. For me it was a toss up between relaxation and openness.

  3. Relaxation was my pick too. Maybe we're chosing that picture because of the bookshelves by the fireplace? Anyway, the result is me to a tee.

  4. I go along with the picture I chose, but only 50% of the description fits me. The relaxation description fits me much better! LOL


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