Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Scene of the Blog Featuring Lulu of What Book Should I Read Today?

When I landed on the front page of this week's blog and read the header caption, I had to smile--

I write down something about almost every book that I read instead of facing real-world responsibilities. DISCLAIMER: All of my books are real. I do not own a Kindle, a Nook, or any of that modern rubbish.

For some reason, my imagination and I very clearly hear Jack Webb intoning that disclaimer, as only he could. Imagination or no, I enjoy Lulu's blog, What Book Should I Read Today? She reads and talks about a very eclectic mix of books: fiction, non-fiction... you name it.  If you haven't visited her blog, please take the time to do so, and don't forget to say hello while you're there!

Before Lulu shows us her books and creative spaces, just a reminder that you can view all the photos in their original sizes by clicking on them.  Now let's go visit Lulu!

The true crime shelf

A piece of my true crime shelf currently serving as my Twitter/Blogger/Facebook avatar.  I go through phases with genres (measured by the speed at which I consume them), and recently I've flown through true crime and mysteries the fastest.  Not long ago it was short stories; before that, 20th-century American novels, modern classics like Carson McCullers, John Updike and Richard Yates.

The Agatha Christie Shelf

My Christie shelf.  I own multiple copies of some of her books, often by accident (several have been published with different titles) and occasionally because I find an edition with a particularly well-designed cover.  Good thing they're only a dollar or two apiece at used bookstores.

Short story collection
The four shelves depicted here represent only part of my short story collection; single author collections at the top (with poetry stacked at the end); The Best American series from 1988 to present below that; older Best American editions and New Stories from the South (1989 - present) below that, and magazine anthologies on the bottom - great collections from Playboy, The Atlantic, The New Yorker, The Paris Review, Granta, and Esquire, among others.

Favorite authors

A small section on the top shelf in my bedroom, where books by favorite authors live.  I bought most of my Richard Yates books before his reemergence and reissues in the last few years.  As for Ms. Cather, I adopted a mysterious and bright-eyed brown dog almost two years ago who bears her name. 

Lulu's desk

My desk, which is flanked by the white, glass-doored bookshelves like the ones holding the short stories.  This study includes law books, but I sit and blog with my back to them, so I can remember what's important.

Lulu's nightstand
I do most of my reading in bed, grabbing books, pens and highlighters for making notes and marking beautiful phrases, and bookmarks from the nightstand.  The little coasters made to look like books say "Encyclopedia" on the side.  My mom found them at my grandparents' house, and they're falling apart, but I love them and use them in every room of the house.  Note the book lamp clipped to the real lamp.  

Willa and Toby
Willa (Cather) and Tobias "Toby" (Wolff), my audience and inspiration.  They like to sit on the study floor in the sun and watch me blog, and Toby cuddles up to me while I read.  He's slowly learning not to sit on anything but casebooks. 

South Carolina island beach

My favorite place in the world to read, a small barrier island beach in South Carolina.  I return there each year and devour books at this very spot.  This picture forms the background of my blog to remind me that wherever I am, books can bring me peace.  

I hope all of you enjoyed looking at Lulu's books and creative spaces as much as I did. I love how she sits at her desk with the law books behind her and a view out the window in front of her. I also love her favorite place to read, although I've never been able to read whenever I'm at a beach. Must be the desert rat in me wanting to wade in the water, look for shells, and watch the waves!

And how about Willa and Toby? I swear the expressions on their faces are saying, "Can we go back to sleep now?"

Thank you so much, Lulu, for this peek into your world. We certainly appreciate it!

Don't forget to stop by next Wednesday when another member of our book blogging community will be giving us a tour!


  1. such nice tidy shelves and a comfortable looking desk.
    I must say, I love your 'favorite place".

  2. Thank you Caite! I am chuckling at "tidy shelves," mostly because they're the tidiest part of my apartment. :) My favorite place is so wonderful and I'm excited to go there for a refreshing week after the semester is over.

  3. The beach scene is hard to draw my eyes away from. I could sit there forever reading. Your blogging spot looks comfortable and conducive to good writing, and Willa and Toby are beautiful cats. Thanks for sharing.

  4. What a great space - I love the way she has her books organized. I'm very curious about the island she visits. I'm off to check out her blog now.

  5. Everything looks so nice and organized. And the spot on the beach would be a lovely place to read.

  6. I am having trouble keeping up with commenting on the blog posts of prolific bloggers such as yourself! I do see all your posts just no time to get here every day I am afraid.

    I certainly enjoyed my peek into Lulu's space today.

  7. @Barbara - thank you! I love that beach. I read on a chair in the sand for hours a day when I visit. Also, Willa & Toby appreciate your compliments!

    @Bermuda - the organization took hours...and it was such a fun project. There is a backlog I didn't want to display - 2 fileboxes in my closet. Of course I keep ordering more.

    @Leslie - Thank you! I like to keep my books and blogging supplies pretty neat. And occasionally I do use that organization to accomplish school stuff...but it's not nearly as fun ;).

    @LindyLou - Thank you! So glad you enjoyed it.

  8. Lindy-- I know what you mean. I think being prolific keeps me from commenting on many of the blogs I follow. :(

  9. Oh my goodness, I am so impressed by your organization! If only I could be like that someday I could maybe find my books when I need to :)


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