Friday, March 04, 2011

A Rather Abbreviated Weekly Link Round-Up

Shame on me! I've been reading and creating more than I've been searching for links, although I could swear I just heard some sighs of relief from the studio audience....

I've been following the doctor's orders about not lifting more than he said, etc. and it's becoming a monumental pain. The better I feel, the more I want to do, but instead I'm sitting around in between books writing to-do lists.

To top it all off, I've had a burst of creativity and will be starting a new series of posts called Celebrating Mysteries. I used to have to think up fun and cheap ways to amuse the employees where I worked, and one of the resources I used was a website that lists all the monthy/ weekly/ daily holiday observances-- no matter how zany they are.  A tweet on Twitter reminded me of the website, so I went there out of idle curiosity. Instead of remaining idle, I suddenly thought about using this to create monthly mystery themes so I would have yet another reason to talk about my favorite genre. Keep your eyes peeled for Celebrating Mysteries-- this month's theme will be taking us to the Emerald Isle!

Time to shut up and talk links, Cathy!

Bookish News & Other Fun Stuff

Blogging & Social Media Tips

New to My Google Reader

There you have them! I hope one or two gave you food for thought or made you smile. Don't forget to stop by next weekend for another freshly chosen batch of links for your surfing pleasure!


  1. Celebrating Mysteries sounds great!

    And I liked that article on book covers - especially because I have thought of most of these traps so I think I´ll go on pocketing my modest profit rather than sending it on to a professional designer.

  2. The list of states with low reading scores wasn't as shocking as the low number of students who scored 'proficient' in the top 10 states. My state is in the middle, probably dragged down by the terrible state of the Chicago public school system.

  3. Dorte-- I definitely think you've made the right decision!

    Leslie-- I'm from Illinois, and I know from experience that Chicago is responsible for a lot! LOL

  4. After going through surgery recently myself, I hear what your saying about feeling better and still not able to lift. I agree, it's a monumental pain. Glad to hear your feeling better. :-)


  5. Mike-- I'm very happy that we're both on the mend! :)

  6. Back in 1976 recovering from the same surgery (except for a benign condition), I returned to my full-time schedule at Univ. of Maine without asking my surgeon. About 6 weeks later he said, "I guess it would be okay for you to go back to school now." Jeese Louise, I would've missed most of the semester!

  7. Barbara-- I have more going on than the hysterectomy. Besides... back in 1976 we were both ten feet tall and bullet-proof, weren't we? :)


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