Friday, March 25, 2011

A Rare Occurrence for Book Lovers

Your eyes do not deceive you!

Spring fever is in the air here at Casa Kittling. I decided to round up more books for donation, so I went through the ones here in the office.

When I was done, I had a dozen bags of cookbooks I hadn't cracked open in years as well as 20-year-old travel guides and maps.

All the shifting and bagging freed up enough shelf space for me to move my listed Paperback Swap books in here where they're within reach when another member requests one of them.

And... I now have TWO EMPTY SHELVES in one of the bookcases in the living room. TWO! I knew y'all wouldn't believe me, so I have photographic evidence. Want to know something else that's shocking?

It's almost two weeks later, and they're still empty.

Yes, I am feeling well. I swear! I'm also trying very hard not to daydream about the fact that those shelves are on a To Be Read bookcase. Just think of that empty space begging to be filled with new books....


  1. Cathy - Oh, what a tempting space!! I can think of so many books that would fit quite well in a space like that....

  2. Can we take bets as to how long they will remain empty?? LOL

  3. It sounds like a shopping trip is in order to me!

  4. Wow! This isn't a scene you'll find at my house. Honestly, I'd enjoy the emptiness for awhile.

  5. Weeding out my books is the first thing I thought of when reading "Confessions of a Book Hoarder" on your weekly links. I really need to either have a sale or fill some boxes to donate to the library book sale.

  6. Cathy, that is great. I am in the process of weeding out some books to because we are in the process of attempting to build some bookcases in our basement. Right now hubby has no clue to how much my collection really is and he might be shocked when he finally finds out lOL

  7. 2 empty shelves? That's amazing! I'm sure you checked your temperature right, just to make sure you aren't sick? lol

  8. I can not remember the last time I saw an empty shelf around here....

  9. Margot-- So can I! LOL

    Kay-- Sure! (They still are, by the way on the 27th of March!)

    Kathy-- Nah. I think I'll be relieving overload on adjoining shelves! LOL

    Marie-- I am!

    Barbara-- Sounds like a donation may be in your future!

    Cindy-- Yes, he very well may be! ;)

    Kris-- I checked it, and so did Denis! LOL

    Caite-- Empty shelves certainly look odd, don't they?

  10. I know it would not take me long to fill up those shelves again. Since living abroad my TBR shelves are replenished in bulk on our annual drive to the UK plus with books that arrive in the post by various means. I am much better at recycling them though than I used to be. Once read paperbacks are Bookcrossed or Bookmooched :)

  11. Lindy-- I'm the same way. As soon as the book is read and reviewed, it's listed on Paperback Swap!


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