Tuesday, March 08, 2011

The Ice Cream Cone Test

You Are a Genius

You tend to let others have their way. You know that it's best not to put up a fight.

In the end, you get what you want anyway. You believe in patience and kindness.

You are talented at sizing people up. You know what each person needs or wants from you.

You always have the advantage, but you don't always use it. Your intuition is a double-edged sword.


  1. This is what I got:
    You Are a Surprise

    There's nothing about you that is predictable or ordinary. You are totally one of a kind!
    You're always changing and growing. You are never how you once were - you're always a little better.

    You are constantly on the lookout for new trends or ideas. You love discover something else to love.
    You are quite sweet, but you also keep it real. You wanted to be accepted for who you truly are.

  2. You Are a Rebel
    You're a wild child, and you aren't about to slow down anytime soon.
    You're the type of person who will do something just to say that you did it!

    You don't worry too much about getting caught - you're having too much fun breaking the rules.
    While you may not be involved in illegal activities, you do like breaking social norms

    This used to be me until I mellowed in old age. :-)

  3. It appears that Rural View and I would have gotten along very well growing up..I'm a rebel too. lol! I admit that it does describe me..more my past than current life...but I'm still a bit of a rebel when it comes to breaking social norms.

  4. I love these little tests...I am a Romanic!!! Just because I love strawberry ice cream cones...

  5. Surprises, Rebels, Romantics, and Geniuses-- what a fun group we are!

  6. Well I picked the chocolate cone and it said I was artistic. Nothing is further from the truth so I don't quite know what happened there. Maybe I just like chocolate cones lol.

  7. Barbra-- Liking chocolate works for me! LOL


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