Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Scene of the Blog Featuring Danielle of There's a Book!

This week Scene of the Blog features a book blogger that I became aware of on Twitter. Danielle is one busy lady who writes posts for Chick Lit Reviews as well as her own blog, There's a Book, which is a cornucopia of information on the wonderful worlds of children's and young adult books.

I've always believed in "gettin' 'em early" and I love the sub-header of There's a Book: "Sometimes there's a book that can transform a child's world." I would be tempted to leave out the word "sometimes" because I've seen so many young faces light up when they find their own transformative books.

If you've never visited Danielle's excellent blog, There's a Book, please take the time to do so now-- and don't forget to say hi while you're there!

Now we'll go visit Danielle to see where all that blogging magic happens. Don't forget that you can click on each photo to view it full size.

Up until two weeks ago my beloved desk was a single person work station. Well, thanks to the efforts of my sweet hubby (also a known gaming addict, and a lawyer to boot!) and the addition of a new computer (thanks to the holidays) we converted it into a two person work station. Wow! This has definitely been an adjustment, but it's kind of fun to sit next to each other in the evening typing away. We each spend about 2 hours an evening blogging (or in my husband's case, gaming) and enjoying a little quiet time while the kiddos are sleeping.

Obviously, as you can tell from the photo, during the day the kiddos are a little less likely to be far away from the scene of my blogging. My Littlebug is hardly ever away from my lap during the day while I'm blogging as is evidenced by the foot in the photo. Also, I should mention, dinosaurs do make a regular appearance as well as the occasional car.

Not only is the desk part of my "working" area, but I also have a book shelf immediately to my right that I keep all my review books on. I'm an extremely obsessive compulsive person and so I generally try to add books to the shelf as I receive them. I'm constantly updating my excel spreadsheets with the review books as well so that everything is in order and nothing gets missed.

That's it! Pretty basic, almost always with kiddos and music on, but always fun and always with books! Thank you so much to Cathy for featuring me here! It's been a blast!

I love that little foot in the first photo! My husband and I also enjoy spending time together at our computers, sharing things that happened during the day and reading snippets of emails aloud to each other.

Danielle describes her space as "pretty basic", and I suppose it is, but it's a basic that works, which is all that matters. Thank you so much for letting us have this glimpse into your creative space, Danielle. It is most appreciated!

Who will be next week's featured guest on Scene of the Blog? I honestly don't know. There are several folks who've expressed great interest, but there's not much I can do until I receive some photos and write-ups. Hopefully I won't be telling you that we're on a short sabbatical!


  1. I really enjoy this feature of your blog! Aww, the foot is so cute :)

  2. What a great place to blog! And your book case looks very organised. Wow.

  3. I think it's a lovely idea, the double work station! I can just picture both of you in the quiet evenings :)

  4. Wow - the desk area is so clean! I'm guessing it has to be if two people are using it though. I do believe I'll tackle cleaning up the office needs it.

  5. Basic, perhaps, but very appealing with splashes of colour - and as you say, that little foot :D

    I also like blogging and writing in the living-room, surrounded by my family - in that way we are together so though we have different hobbies, we can share great pictures, quotations etc we stumble on.

  6. She may call her space basic, but I call it uncluttered, which I love! I wish mine was that neat! I'm going to check out Danielle's blog now. By the way, I love your new look.

  7. What a great basic space. I think it serves your purposes well and look how neat and organized everything is. Fantastic. I wish I were that organized.

    Thanks for keeping this feature alive!

  8. Thank you again Cathy for having me on! I'm really SO excited to share this with everyone and I adore this feature. Now to get more people signed up for it!!!

    Svea & Dorte - Even as I type this now I can see a little foot sitting in the chair next to me. :o)

    leeswammes, Kris, bermudaonion & Serena - Thanks! I'm super OCD and have to organize a ton. That being desk is an absolute disaster today. lol

    Alexandra - We absolutely love the double workstation. We've only had it a few weeks now, but it's so nice to sit together in the evenings once the kids are asleep. Love it!

    Thank you so much for all the comments everyone!

  9. Great feature...and a great blogger featured! Love the new work get some together time while still getting your PC on. ^_^ Happy blogging! (...and happy reading!)

  10. Great space. How fun to spend time together as you each do your own thing -- that's such a great setup. And it's sweet that the little ones aren't far away.

  11. Kathy-- I'm glad you like the new look. I know that most of my readers see my posts through one sort of feed or another, so I'm always surprised when someone notices the change! LOL

  12. I'm impressed that Danielle and her husband can work side-by-side like that ... thanks for sharing the blogging space with us!


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