Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Quiet Moment This Wordless Wednesday

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  1. Of all your photographs, this is absolutely my favorite. Beautiful bird and perfect setting.

    Are you getting out with your camera again now?

  2. I used to have 2 birds just like this one. One was very mean and used to try to bite me a lot (the boy, of course) and the girl was sweet as could be.

  3. Caite-- They're gorgeous, aren't they?

    Melissa-- Thanks!

    Beth-- Thanks!

    Kathy-- No, although we have been visited by them in the past.

    Barbara-- Not yet. I have to limit my wandering around still because my insides still have a tendency to get mad at me and want to fall out. :)

    Zibilee-- How cool!

  4. Beautiful shot, the bird just pops right out of the tree.

  5. Kaye-- And there it was trying to hide from me. Pretty hard to do with those bright colors!

    Suzi-- Thanks!


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