Tuesday, February 08, 2011

More Prickles on This Wordless Wednesday

Click to view full size. More Wordless Wednesday.


  1. I love the contrast of prickles and flowers!

  2. What a beautiful picture! I love the contrast of colors and textures.

  3. Gorgeous! I agree with the others. The contrast is wonderful.

  4. Oooooh!

    I want some flowers - now!

  5. that color is all the more striking for me in a harsh terrain.

  6. The flowers on a cactus are always so beautiful. I have a fishhook cactus that makes gorgeous yellow flowers... when it's summer and when it's in the mood. Poor thing is hibernating now in my laundry room.

  7. I needed that spot of color -- we are in that draggy part of winter, just waiting for the trees to bud.

  8. While living in cold country, February was always my least favorite month, so I thought ost folks would appreciate some color. Out in the wild, a lot of these beauties are hiding in nests of mesquite and palo verde trees, or at the bases of saguaros. The larger plants help shelter them-- and funnel rain to them to help them grow.

    Kathy-- Thanks!

    Zibilee-- Thanks!

    Marie-- Thanks!

    Dorte-- That dreary part of February, eh?

    Caite-- Even though striking and vivid colors really aren't all that odd in the desert.... :)

    Leslie-- Poor thing, indeed!

    Beth-- I never did like winter in cold country, but draggy February is the Pits!


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