Friday, February 04, 2011

A Frost-Bitten Weekly Link Round-Up

We're having cold weather here in Phoenix right along with the rest of the country. Before I hear any snorts of disbelief (not that any of you would be uncouth enough to snort), we're talking coldest in over twenty years, down into the teens type cold. Blocks of ice in the birdbaths cold. That's very rare here, and one of the reasons why I moved to the Valley of the Sun.

It's certainly cold enough for me to think back on blizzards I've endured in central Illinois with no electricity for almost a week, snow drifts up to the roof eaves, and my grandparents staying with us because we could use the gas oven to get some heat into the house.

Deep Freeze, go back to the Arctic where you belong!

For any of you who may be wondering, I'm healing slowly and waiting on the results of the final round of tests. It's hard to believe I was in the hospital a week ago today. I guess I've slept so much that everything's been packed away in the lumber room of my mind. On to some links!

Bookish News

Top Ten Lists & Quizzes

  • The book is dead? Long live the book, authors say.
  • The coolest book apps for reading, getting free eBooks and organizing a digital library.
  • The science fiction community talks about what the publishing industry will look like after ten more years of advanced technology.
  • Worldreader's goal? To put a library of books in the hands of children and families in the developing world through eReader technology. eReaders in Africa.
  • The 2010 Survey of Book-Buying Behavior.
  • Four reasons why the sales growth of eBooks will be slower than industry executives think.

New to My Google Reader

That's all for now! I hope I managed to include a link or two that brightened your surfing!


  1. Cathy - Thanks, as always, for your link round-up. Stay warm!

  2. Love the links - especially the scrabble tiles one! Thanks. Hope things warm up for you soon!

  3. Best of luck recovering and with the temperatures. I really dislike winter, please don't send it all back up here - it's cold here too!! :)

  4. Cathy, first of all, I'm glad to hear that you are on the mend. I've been thinking about you.

    Second, I read DEATH WORE WHITE last year and enjoyed it. Look forward to hearing what you think about it.

    Third, oh, my, goodness, it's been way too cold here too. We don't do 16 degrees very often. We've been below freezing for days now and this morning we have snow on the ground. Nope, not for me in Austin, TX. :-)

  5. Great links! Storigami is fun :D

    There are some great stories on Paul Bailey´s top ten, but he has left out my absolute favourite: Margaret Laurence´s The Stone Angel.

  6. Brrrr. We've got the cold and the snow here in Chicago. I was in AZ one time when it hit 40 degrees... folks were pulling out the parkas and gloves. Stay warm.

    Enjoyed the links. I saw the hawk finally got 'checked out' and relocated!

  7. Thanks for keeping us up to date. I check each post for news. Glad you are recovering ... and hope tests come back the way you want them. Keep warm.

  8. Holy cow, that's cold for you guys! Yikes. So glad you're feeling strong enough to blog and are healing up nicely.

  9. Sounds like things were actually packed away in the "slumber room" of your mind. Glad you're healing well.

  10. Thanks for the links and your update, Cathy. I've just added Quirky Girl Reads to my Google Reader.

  11. Margot-- I will, thanks!

    Kath-- They are... just in time for another cold front to move through!

    Kathy-- I am!

    Amy-- I was thinking of someplace more... northwards... than you! LOL

    Kay-- I hope you've warmed up in Austin now!

    Dorte-- The Stone Angel is very good.

    Leslie-- The first two years I lived here, I didn't don a sweater or coat once and thought everyone else was nuts for bundling up!

    Sue-- I will. Thanks!

    Beth-- Thanks!

    Barbara-- I've got one of those up there, too! LOL

    Dawn-- Great!

  12. Hibernation is good for mending - hope all is well with your upcoming results. And that the weather improves so you can celebrate properly when the time comes.

    Thanks for that link to the book apps - I am going to grab that Free Classics one - will come in handy for my future posts on Quirky Girls Read - thanks for following our new blog!

  13. I loved those posters! They were so creative and fun.

  14. Molly-- The birds are courting around here, and I've been enjoying watching them. (And you're welcome about QG!)

    Kris-- Same here. I absolutely love those posters!!


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