Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

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  1. Sedona is lovely. This looks like it was taken from up on the top of the Moggollon rim. If you haven't taken that old road up there (Schnebly Hill is it?), I highly recommend it. The views were awesome.

  2. Although I don't care for Sedona, I'll never forget the scenery around it, coming down through the canyon is wonderful.

  3. I saw Rural View's comment but I love Sedona. Okay, I haven't been there sine 1975 -- but I loved it then. Perhaps the town and surrounding area has grown and changed over the last 35-36 years (it's been *that* long? I must have been -5 when I was last there).

    Lovely shot.

  4. Caite-- Thanks!

    Kathy-- Yes, one of the many reasons why I love that drive!

    Misfit-- This photo is taken from Schnebly Hill Road (where you have to dodge all the Pink Jeeps). :)

    Barbara-- Too bad Sedona couldn't stay a small town. I liked it a lot better then.

    Beth-- Thanks. Yes, the rich folks have hit Sedona, creating urban sprawl and putting life there out of the price range of most mortals.


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