Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What Pizza Topping Are You?

You Are Mushrooms

You are down to earth and practical. You appreciate hearty foods and people.

You are very grounded. You aren't unnecessarily fanciful, and you appreciate the little things in life.

You are in tune with nature and the world around you. You appreciate the outdoors and animals.

You are likely very handy and good at doing things yourself. You're the type most likely to make your own pizza.

[I hate to cook. Therefore: Me? Make my own pizza? I laugh in your general direction!]


  1. I'm mushrooms too -- which I do happen to like. And I actually do make my own pizza!

  2. You Are Tomatoes
    You are kind hearted and open minded. You're always up for something new. You like to experiment.
    You are easy going, and you pride yourself on not being judgmental. You can see the good in almost every situation.

    You prefer to keep things light and fun. You don't like heavy topics or pessimistic people.
    You believe that there's so much to celebrate. You're happy to just celebrate being alive!

    I vaguely remember Dave saying something about me being a tomato when we were dating. Hmm, "hot" tomato? Regardless, this IS me.

  3. I am pineapple - I always thought I was fruity lol.

  4. I got mushrooms too. Plus, I'm like Beth..I think it fits me and I make my own pizza (prefer too actually). I also think it's funny that for the last several years when I order pizza for myself I only order it with either mushrooms or onions (or both). haha!

  5. One thing's for sure-- there's plenty of shrooms on this pizza! LOL But pineapple?? I'm allergic to pineapple, Barbra!


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