Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What Kind of Home Should You Live In?

You Should Live in a Mediterranean Home

You are warm, friendly, and welcoming... and your home should be these things as well.

You like to work hard, but you also appreciate your down time more than most people.

You know how to kick back and relax. Other people find you a joy to be around.

You may not be able to be on vacation every day, but you like to bring a little vacation home with you.


  1. Had forgotten about quiz time, but got the same one :)

  2. I got the same answer too and I don't really get it considering the way I answered the questions. Oh well, they can't be right all the time.

  3. I got this:

    You Should Live in a Country Home
    For you, the most relaxing home possible reminds you of the home you grew up in.
    You like a house with a personal touch. You like to know it's actually your home.

    Your ideal home is filled with beautiful (but not necessarily expensive) things.
    You can't stand an empty home. You believe a home should be well lived in.

    but I would really like to live in a loft in the city.

  4. I got a country home as well, which I think is funny. I mean, for the most part that would be cool, except that my home probably would be considered empty since we don't have a lot of stuff. lol! I also don't want my house to be like the one I grew up, that one was too disorganized and cramped for my taste.

  5. Apparently we should be neighbors, as I should live in a Mediterranean home too...care to join me in Greece?

  6. We'll both be in Mediterranean homes -- now can we find some land on Greek island?

  7. Blodeuedd-- Good to see you checking out the quizzes again!

    Barbara-- No, they can't. But there could be perks if you took the answer literally!

    Kathy-- Odd... you don't put me in mind of a city loft girl!

    Kris-- Nothing wrong with having plenty of space. "Stuff" can be overrated-- unless it's books!

    TBG-- How did you know I was thinking of Greece?

    Beth-- I think Santorini. I found a wonderful bookshop on Santorini with a heavenly terrace that overlooks the sea..... check out my link round-up!


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