Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Scene of the Blog Featuring Misha of My Love Affair With Books!

No matter where I look, I seem to find helpful book bloggers. When I needed volunteers from the studio audience to participate in Scene of the Blog for November, I put an alert out on Twitter, and Misha came to my rescue.

When I went to Misha's blog, My Love Affair With Books, which concentrates on Young Adult, Literary, Contemporary and Historical Fiction; Paranormal Romance; and Thriller/Suspense/Mysteries, I liked  how much fun it was and all the content she has on her blog. If you haven't visited My Love Affair With Books, please take the time to do so. Don't forget to say hi to Misha while you're there!

Just a tiny reminder before she shows us her blogging spaces: If you'd like to see the photos full size, just click on them. Take it away, Misha!

First of all a big thanks to Cathy for letting me participate!

This is where I do most of my blogging. That’s my laptop on my bed. Though I have a study table, I feel most comfortable on my bed. This is also my favorite reading spot. My bed , as you can see, is always cluttered with my books, random college assignments and of course, my laptop. I try to be more organized, but it always ends up like this, so I have stopped trying. Hehe. One of the reasons I love reading and blogging in my room is because it's on one corner of the house and it's really peaceful here. It's also always bright in here. I have a sort of notice board on my bedroom wall with reminders for my blog and college work. I can be pretty forgetful at times. I do most of my blogging in the evening and early morning around 5 am.

This shelf contains all my to-be-read books. Being a hoarder, I buy books faster than I read them. It's almost like a disease; I just have no self-control! The top shelf contains historical fiction and literary fiction. The middle shelf contains YA fiction and the last shelf contains random genres.This is the only proper shelf I have. I love the color black so that explains the color. On the top of the shelf are my CD and DVD collection along with pen stands. That palace thing is actually a pen stand. My sister made it for me.

These 2 shelves contain all the books I have read from childhood till now.They are really disorganized but I sort of like it that way. (That’s weird, I know). It's almost like a tunnel inside these shelves. You will find more stacks of books behind the books on the front.

These shelves also contain my books from childhood - my collection of Enid Blyton and Nancy Drew books. I used to love Enid Blyton as a kid. These shelves also have my fairy tale books , which I used to read when I was around 6-8 years old.

I used to be addicted to fantasy books once upon a time and this shelf contains only fantasy books. It's kept in my sister’s room. She reads those books now and also adds to the collection. In fact my sister will soon be joining me on my blog. It will make things easier for me because my college work makes me too tired to blog at times.

The sofa is my second favorite reading spot. I love lying down on it and reading. This also happens to be my sister’s favorite reading spot and we have fights over it. hehe. Thank you again, Cathy, for letting me show off my books and my reading space.

And a huge thank you to you, Misha, for coming to my rescue. I love the progression of your photos and the fact that you didn't say anything about the sofa until you'd mentioned being so busy that you were too tired to blog. With the light shining in, it looks like a very comfortable spot to read, and I can easily picture you and your sister fighting over it. I look forward to your sister joining you in blogging, by the way!

Since you are keeping all the books you read as a child, are you saving them for your own children? You know me-- I just have to ask a nosy question or two! I also admire you for being able to have a brain that works coherently at 5 AM!

Thanks so much for sharing your creative spaces with us, Misha. We love seeing where bloggers share their love of books, and we appreciate each and every one who allows us to glimpse into their homes!

Note: Scene of the Blog is taking a week off for Thanksgiving and won't be back until Wednesday, December 1. To all of you who celebrate, have a wonderful holiday! If you do find yourself needing a fix before December 1, check my sidebar and click on the Scene of the Blog graphic. Right now, you can search through all those who have participated by the blog name, and soon you'll be able to search by location as well!


  1. I'm so impressed with anyone who can keep up college work and a book blog.

  2. It's a good "problem" to have when one has so many books they have to be double shelved. √

  3. Thank you for having me over, Cathy!

    @burmudaonion Thanks! Though I tend to forget about college work when I blog ....

    @Elizabeth Hehe Ya, I guess...

  4. What great shelves - disorganized but they look like a lot of fun to look through to find some favorite treasures!

  5. I love that your sister will share your blog with you. How special is that. Thanks for sharing your blog-space and life with us.

  6. I have to double-shelve too. I am impressed that you can blog and do your school work -- lots of pressure! It'll be fun to see your sister join your blog.


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