Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What Should You Work With?

You Should Work with Art

You are a very visual and creative person. You couldn't stop making beautiful things, even if you tried.

You are constantly inspired and driven to create. It would drive you crazy to follow too many rules at work.

You have to do things your own way. If you're given room to be yourself, you come up with amazing things.

You never stop making art, so you might as well get paid for doing something you love!


  1. I should also work with art Cathy although I feel I am the least artistic person going lol.

  2. You Should Work With Information
    You are highly analytical and logical. You are good at sifting through facts.
    You enjoy complexity, and for you, there's nothing more exhilarating than solving a puzzle.

    You are detail oriented and focused. You don't let anything slip through the cracks.
    You are trustworthy and ethical. People can trust you with there most private information.

    This is pretty good, although I often let things slip through the cracks ... too often.

  3. It's funny, everytime I take one of the quizzes you post about, I get the same result as you. Maybe we have more in common than a love of books? :)

  4. I should work with art too, even though I don't feel I'm very artistic. Maybe we should all open an art store? Only problem..would there be any art to sell considering we would all be busy reading?

  5. Barbra-- I tend to get "artistic" answers for these quizzes, and I'm still not too sure how artistic I am!

    Barbara-- Yes, but don't you think that, the older a person gets, the more they realize that there are things that are better left to slip through the cracks? Life's too short and all that?

    Hilde-- We must! :)

    Kris-- Perhaps we should hire Barbara (Rural View) to take care of the details and crack the whip to make sure we produce enough art to sell?


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